Avo Porridge/Smoothie Bowl

These are going to be a hit with the kids, just don’t tell them what’s in it until they finish the delicious porridge… Then break it to them… Lol

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Spinach Smoothie/Porridge Bowl

Nourish the whole family! Make better food choices.

The global pandemic has highlighted many fault-lines across society, and in our current state of ongoing disruption, it also presents us with unique opportunities to make changes. In our daily lives, some of the best changes we can make are around our food choices

This National Nutrition and Obesity Week (NNOW), a range of South African health organisations have come together to collaborate with the Department of Health to highlight how essential good nutrition is when it comes to immunity.

The theme for NNOW 2020 (running from 9th to 19th October), ‘Good Nutrition for Good Immunity’ also takes into account how the pandemic has been disrupting food systems, leading to poorer food choices and is compromising food security for many South African families.

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