Art of Superwoman Presents

The Pandemic’s Effects on Finances & Relationships


Saturday – 21.08.2021

12h00 – 14h00

The Pandemic’s Effects on Finances & Relationships

"Despite the stats showing that nearly 38% of households in South Africa are headed by women, women said they believed that their role as female breadwinners was viewed as threatening to the traditional male role of a provider." The pandemic has taken a lot of strain...

Olwethu Leshabane



Olwethu Leshabane, is a media entrepreneur, wife, mom of 3 boys and doula. Olwethu is a speaker, MC, TV presenter, blogger, podcaster and social media content creator and strategic creative producer. Olwethu is also a maternal health and women advancement advocate and the founder of Art of Superwoman (AoS). At its core, AoS is a content development and distribution multimedia platform which sets out to educate, inspire, entertain and influence its audience (predominantly women and mothers) to make sound and wholesome parenting, career, wellness, financial, and lifestyle choices. AoS is also a marketing platform and online retail channel (marketplace) for various women-owned brands.

Neo Leshabane



Neo is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive finance and strategy experience.

Neo is the Commercial Director at Art of Superwoman & Co-Founder at REPAID Capital, a boutique industrial and infrastructure advisory and investment firm.

Neo previously worked as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Asset and Liabilities Management Division (State Owned / Public Entities (SOE’s) Oversight Unit) of the National Treasury.

Eunice Sibiya



Eunice Sibiya is an Independent Financial and Life Coach. She is the former Consumer Education Manager at FNB, a division which is responsible for educating South Africans on basic financial concepts and promoting financial literacy across the country. Eunice has an extensive background in the Financial Industry, with over 30 years of experience. She held various roles from a Junior Enquiries Clerk, Telling Supervisor, Senior Consultant, Marketing Manager and managing the Financial Literacy Program before her exit.

Viwe Dweba



Viwe Dweba is a registered Clinical Psychologist and mental health advocate practicing in Johannesburg. Her passion lies in empowerment: whether it is the empowerment of each of her clients to become their own therapist through learning and collaboration, or the dissemination of psychological information to the general public to demystify mental illness, and normalize prioritising mental health. Her focus is on facilitating increased self-awareness while equipping her clients with the tools they need to navigate the difficulties life can sometimes bring. Viwe offers psychological services to children from 5 years old, adolescents and adults; as well as families, couples, groups, corporate wellness and webinars/seminars.

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