I’ve been invited many times to speak on the concept of balance. I think when people look from outside in, they see this person who has it all figured out. As I type this, I’m still sitting in bed, hubby has done the school run this morning. I am still slightly worried about the pandemic being “out there” and the children returning to school. But I can’t really control everything right?

Being a working mom is certainly not easy. Juggling work, parenting pressures and the holiday season coming up is one of the most stressful parts of adulting. A lot of things are bound to fall through the cracks but, there are certainly a few keys secrets to finding the balance between the things that matter.

This month, I share them all!

Mental Health with Sade Giliberti

Mental Health with Sade Giliberti

Some of us grew up watching the SAFTA award-winning Sade Giliberti on Yo-TV. The vivacious TV Presenter, Actress and Media Personality currently resides in London and uses her voice and platform to advocate for Mental Health and LGBTQ+ rights amongst other local and global Human Rights issues.

Sade joins Olwethu this #WellnessWednesday for a frank and informative conversation about Mental Health and her advocacy work.

The Health Benefits of Fasting as a Detox

The Health Benefits of Fasting as a Detox

January brings with it a strong desire for a spiritual, mental, and physical reset. For varying reasons, people from all walks of life are choosing to reset/detox by taking part in Veganuary (eliminating animal products from their diet), Dry month (eliminating alcohol), or some other form of fasting.

Today’s #WellnessWednesday blog breaks down the health benefits of detoxing through fasting.

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