Welcome to the Art of Superwoman, where we explore and celebrate the journey of modern womanhood.

At the core of Art of Superwoman, is the strength of a mom, a wife, a sister and an aspiring Superwoman who wants to rally up the Superwomanhood troops, because we run this!

About Olwethu

Olwethu Leshabane is a mom, doula, women empowerment and maternal health advocate, tv personality, blogger, style enthusiast and digital media entrepreneur.

On Art of Superwoman I explore the possibilities of the perfect balance between being a wife, motherhood, entrepreneurship and self-love – and heck, it is NOT perfect. But then, what is perfect in life?

This is my art and my journey as Superwoman with an invincible cape on my back.


The Art of Balance with Momentum Velocity Club

I aspire for a fulfilled life that does not require for me to switch off from any one of my roles but be able to move through each responsibility I have with fluidity.

Lifting the veil – #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

“Being amongst the first people to discover Masilo’s lifeless body hanging from the ceiling, I kept wondering for the longest of time how things would’ve turned out if we got there a minute or two earlier. It is a question I still ask myself today.”

The Importance of Writing Things Down

On a 2018 Forbes article, Mark Murphy mentions that in a study he had done on the Gender Pay Gap, "both men and women need to do a much better job of writing down their goals (although men did perform a bit better than women on this issue). Study participants were...

The Sit Down Podcast

The Sit Down is a platform (social media interactive live series and podcast) where Olwethu has serious conversations about issues affecting modern women and moms. Olwethu interviews and profiles experts, thought leaders and media personalities to discuss various topics including parenting, careers, wellness, finances and relationships.

On The Sit Down Book Club, Olwethu sits down with different authors and bibliophiles to review some of her favourite books.

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The Art of Superwoman

Welcome to the Art of Superwoman, where we explore and celebrate the journey of modern womanhood.

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