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The Sit Down With Olwethu Leshabane aka Olwe2Lesh is a platform (social media interactive live series and podcast) where Olwethu has serious conversations about issues affecting modern women and moms. Olwethu interviews and profiles experts, thought leaders and media personalities to discuss various lifestyle topics including parenting, careers, wellness, finances and relationships.

On The Sit Down Reviews, Olwethu sits down with different authors, bibliophiles, actors and directors to review some of her favourite books, tv shows and films.

Season 3

Ep 22 – Zozibini Tunzi


Zozibini Tunzi: Life After Miss Universe 

It was in 2019 when The phrase ‘TAKE UP SPACE’ gained momentum on the world stage of Miss Universe. These were the words uttered by our very own Zozibini Tunzi. We watched her get crowned as Miss South Africa before she jetted off to put our country on the map, ultimately taking the title of Miss Universe.

Zozi recently took her final walk on the global stage and is back in the country. So what’s next for this chapter of her life? She gets into this conversation with Olwethu on #TheSitDownLifestyle.


Season 3

Ep 22 – Zozibini Tunzi


Zozibini Tunzi: Life After Miss Universe 

It was in 2019 when The phrase ‘TAKE UP SPACE’ gained momentum on the world stage of Miss Universe. These were the words uttered by our very own Zozibini Tunzi. We watched her get crowned as Miss South Africa before she jetted off to put our country on the map, ultimately taking the title of Miss Universe.

Zozi recently took her final walk on the global stage and is back in the country. So what’s next for this chapter of her life? She gets into this conversation with Olwethu on #TheSitDownLifestyle.


Ep 21 – Thula Sindi


Profiling Thula Sindi

Thula Sindi formed his brand in 2005, on the back of a South African landscape that was ready for designer wear that was trendy, dynamic, accessible, ramp-to-reality and ready-to-wear. Thula discovered his love for the arts at a young age and he hasn’t deviated from it since. We have a sit down with one of our top SA designers on his journey, the effects of COVID19 on the fashion industry, his thoughts on fast fashion, sustainability in fashion and developing young talent. #TheSitDownLifestyle

Ep 20 – Busisiwe Nkuna


The Realities Of Gambling And It’s Impact On The Financial Sustainability Of An Individual

On today’s #TheSitDownWomenomics, Olwethu gets into conversation with Busisiwe Nkuna, Treatment and Counselling Specialist for Social Services at the Responsible Gambling Foundation, to discuss the realities of gambling and it’s impact on the financial sustainability of an individual. They also unpack the psychological effects of the gambling addiction and how individuals who find themselves in this situation can take control of their health and finances.

Ep 19 – Reneilwe Kgengwe


Guide To Keeping Your Child Active

Childhood obesity remains a global epidemic around the world. It has been estimated that by 2030 in South Africa, if we continue with our current lifestyle choices at this rate, at least three out of every five children will be obese. #TheSitDownParenting this week looks at the importance of developing the habit of exercise in children from a young age. Fitness Expert, Reneilwe Kgengwe shares tips on ways to match your child’s personality with activities to help them lead a more active lifestyle.

Ep 18 – Lupi Ngcayisa


Balancing And Embracing Modern Day Parenting (Father's Day Edition)

Lupi Ngcayisa and Olwethu Sit Down and Discuss Balancing And Embracing Modern Day Parenting, While Confronting Issues That Persist In Society, Where Fatherhood Is Concerned

It’s Father’s Day and while it’s a time to celebrate the father figures in our lives, it’s important that we continue having dialogues, reflecting on how we can better instil values in boy children, in the continued efforts of building a better society, where we can co-exist and live authentic lives where other generations will too live in a safe, free and liberated society.


Ep 17 – Ottilia Maunganidze & Ayabonga Cawe


The Youth & Vaccines: Going Home Digitally

As we also reflect on June 16, how can we as young people take responsibility, ownership and look out for the elderly in the community. The Solidarity Fund is mobilising South Africans to ‘come together’ as the country’s mass vaccine roll-out gets underway in a bid to ensure every citizen gets vaccinated.

We are joined by Ottilia Anna Maunganidze who is the Head of Special Projects in the Office of the Executive Director at the Institute for Security Studies, as well as Ayabonga Cawe, Development Economist, Broadcaster and Columnist who recently added Author to his list of titles.

For Solidarity Fund Toolkits Visit: www.solidarityfund.co.za

Ep 16 – Inga Sebata & Ashley Paulis


The Art Of Side Hustling & Money Management Skills

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to think creatively in order to maintain their livelihoods. Financial stability was the biggest worry people had right under surviving the pandemic. Research has indicated that 31.5% of South Africans have either started a secondary job on the side or have transformed their side hustle into their main source of income. On this edition of #TheSitDownWomenomics Financial Advisor, Ashley Paulis and businesswoman, Inga Sebata are in conversation with us giving helpful tips and information that you may need to consider when starting your own side-hustle.

Ep 15 – Jamil F. Khan


Zooming In On Racial Dynamics Between Black And Coloured People

2021 marks 27 years of democracy in South Africa. However, the seeds of racial dynamics in this country still haunt us today. On this edition of #TheSitDownRelationships, we speak to Jamil F. Khan who will be taking us through racial dynamics between the black and coloured community in South Africa. We also look at the dichotomy of blackness globally and whether in all this, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Ep 14 – Dr Hema Kalan


The Link Between The Gut And Mental Health

On this edition of #TheSitDownWellness we continue with our series about The Art of Trusting Your Gut. We are unpacking the link between the gut and mental health with integrative medical practitioner, Dr Hema Kalan. She also helps us look at ways to identify behaviour in our children that could indicate an unhealthy gut as well as how we can approach our diet with mental health in mind.

Ep 13 – Boniwe Dunster & Zahirah Phatudi


Bullying In The Workplace

When the topic of bullying comes up, we often think about our school days because that’s where most of us experienced it. Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t end at school. It also happens in the work place. On this episode of #TheSitDownCareers we speak to Boniwe Dunster who is an HR specialist, as well as Industrial Psychologist, Zahirah Phatudi. They take us through their personal journeys and learnings through their expertise.

Ep 12 – Viwe Dweba & Dudu Nhlabathi-Madonsela


The Gaslighting And Narcissistic Behaviour In Relationships

People who are associated with people living with narcissistic personality disorder experience many excruciating challenges in different areas of life, such as work, school, relationships, and financial affairs amongst many other areas in life.

On this edition of #TheSitDownRelationships, we’re in conversation with clinical psychologist, Viwe Dweba and dating coach, Dudu Nhlabathi-Madonsela, who will help us identify red flags and blind spots to look out for if you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic partner. We also unpack the emotional abuse we seldom talk about, which is gaslighting.

Ep 11 – Thabiso Sikwane


Modimo O A Go Rata/God Loves You by Thabiso Sikwane

Thabiso Sikwane is on a mission to add to the many voices that are rooting for the black child through her kiddies book, Modimo O A Go Rata/God Loves You. Today on #TheSitDownReviews, we delve into conversation with her about motherhood, spirituality, the importance of instilling self-love in children as well as re-looking at where we are when it comes to representation in black literature for children.

Ep 10 – Senzelwe Mthembu


Tips On Incorporating Travel With Remote Working

If you are curious about job opportunities that incorporate remote working with travelling, do check out today’s edition of #TheSitDownCareers as we explore the idea of becoming a digital nomad with Senzelwe Mthembu who is an explorer at heart, traveller, researcher, content creator and a storyteller.

Ep 9 – Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi


What Should The Workplace Look Like, In An African Context?

In the multi-cultured and faceted melting pot of different ethnicities, races and beliefs in our continent, we often talk about the different aspects of “the art of balance”. Many Africans are still trying to figure out how to balance their traditional beliefs and in some cases, spiritual calling while remaining consistent in the professional environment. In this episode, We take a look at the formal working environment and whether it is accommodating to our traditional practises as Africans. Joining us for this discussion on #TheSitDownCareers is much celebrated sangoma, mentor and life coach, Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi.

Ep 8 – Rami Chuene


Profiling Rami Chuene

The South African entertainment industry is growing exponentially, within it, are women who are doing exceptional and anchoring this field of work. Among those doing phenomenal work is the ever-vibrant Rami Chuene. She is not only a SAFTA nominated actress but a voice that speaks up against injustice in the industry. On this episode of #TheSitDownLifestyle we speak to Rami about raising daughters, the current state of the industry, being unconventional and translating iconic Es’kia Mphahlele’s Father Come Home Market Theatre play, into Sepedi.

Ep 7 – Dr Shaheda Omar


Parenting: Improving Parent-Teen Relationships

Raising teenagers can be incredibly difficult. At this stage of their lives, they are on a path to discovery, and they may ‘pull away’ in order to create their own identity. On this edition of #TheSitDownParenting, Dr Shaheda Omar, Clinical Director of The Teddy Bear Clinic, helps us manoeuvre around the tools we as parents need to prepare and to guide our teens in the right direction.

Ep 6 – Chef Nti


Profiling Chef Nti

The competition in the food and hospitality industry is tough. It is growing exponentially and in order to stand out, you have to be exceptionally great at what you do. On this episode of #TheSitDownCareers we speak to Nthabiseng Ramaboa, popularly known as Chef Nti. Her name is synonymous with excellence. She speaks to us about the ins and outs of the culinary industry and her journey as a chef and the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur.

Ep 5 – Elsa Majimbo


Profiling Elsa Majimbo

19-year-old Kenyan comedian and social media sensation, Elsa Majimbo kept us entertained on social media with her comedic videos during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We had the pleasure of speaking to her on Season 2 of The Sit Down together with her mom about her new found fame. Only one year later, so much has happened. On this week’s episode of #TheSitDownLifestyle we continue our conversation with Elsa, picking up from where we left off and catching up with all her amazing achievements.

Ep 4 – Dr Thabiso Malefahlo 


The Art Of Trusting Your Gut: The Gut-Liver Relationship

This April, we started a series about The Art of Trusting your Gut as we reflected on World Liver Day, spreading awareness about liver related ailments. Healthcare practitioner, specialising as a surgeon, Dr Thabiso Malefahlo looks at the gut-liver relationship and how an unhealthy gut affects us on a daily basis on this episode of #TheSitDownWellness.

Ep 3 – Eunice Sibiya


Recovering from a Financial Setback

According to research, women were hit twice as hard by SA’s initial hard lockdown which further worsened the financial situation that was already bad for women in businesses, corporate and those holding down their households. Independent financial coach, Eunice Sibiya holds a mirror for us to see our financial realities through guidance on steps to recovering from a financial setback on today’s episode of #TheSitDownWomenomics.

Ep 2 – Rudy Chalmers 


Profiling Rudy Chalmers

20 year old Musician, Sithenkosi Mbuli, better known as Rudy Chalmers introduces us to his new sound of music, a blend of soul and Hip Hop. He also shares his thoughts on the Pop and Hip Hop scene locally and internationally. He also opens up about the memory of his late father, the legendary TV broadcaster and news anchor, Vuyo Mbuli on today’s episode of #TheSitDownLifestyle

Ep 1 – Vezi Silwanyana & Ilana Gerschlowitz


The Realities Of Raising A Child With Autism

April is World Autism Awareness month. In today’s edition of #TheSitDownParenting we interrogate issues around access to healthcare services for parents with children on the spectrum, as well as get personal accounts of the daily realities of raising a child with autism through the experiences of Vezi Silwanyana, Founder of Inam Autism Advocacy Group and Ilana Gerschlowitz, Managing Director of Star Academy.

Season 3 Trailer

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