About Olwethu

I’m an ordinary mom who’s trying hard not to fail and raise kids that don’t have to recover from their childhood. I also have a super amazing husband and we’re pretty much winging this marriage thing. The title of this site was inspired by him calling me Superwoman and me defining for my (very flawed) self what that meant.

I had such a beautiful and healing natural birth after 2 c-sections. I was inspired to get my doula certification and learn about how I can hold space for more women no matter what their birthing journeys are.

I’m adamant that women will be economically emancipated in my lifetime and that we sure can have it all, perhaps not all at once, but I CAN HAVE IT ALL!

I hope my blog inspires and resonates with you!

2Live Lifestyle Channel 

is a YouTube Lifestyle Channel that speaks to all the things that inspire Olwethu to live a full life.

This will be a mix between stepping into her kitchen and into her daily life as she navigates home, money management, marriage, parenting and traveling to name a few.

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The Art of Superwoman

Welcome to the Art of Superwoman, where we explore and celebrate the journey of modern womanhood.

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