Maintaining a fresh and clean home with contractors everywhere and dust all over is a lot of work😩

Over the last year, we’ve been on a declutter journey alongside the renovations and keeping things at minimal in our home.

We’ve done the following to limit dust and clutter in our home:

1. Recycle paper, newspaper, boxes etc and keep them outside your home. They gather so much dust!

We have officially moved our work to the offices and all boxes and deliveries are done there to limit dust and maintain cleanliness (and order) – thank goodness! Hopefully we don’t have to deal with another hard lockdown again! *touch wood*

2. We change all sheets and deep clean pillows weekly. We store clean sheets in airtight containers.

3. We’ve introduced air purifiers (available on shop.artofsuperwoman.com) into our home.

4. We got rid of most wardrobes and introduced drawers and rails into our home (will share final product once complete. (This was hard for my old school hubby to wrap his mind around)

5. Line surfaces that tend to gather a lot of dust – especially those hard to reach surfaces – with some long tissue paper (baking paper works too) and Prestik it down (book selves, too of wardrobes etc)

6. Cut back on clothing (clutter = unnecessary dirt clinging onto stuff)

7. Washing the dogs regularly and brushing them as often as possible

8. Vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum

9. We’ve also reduced the amount of washing hang time by using our Spindel and draining alot mroe water out and hanging the laundry on an indoor rail. This is mostly because of the amout of outdoor dusk and bugs there’ve been lately… This is amazing during rainy seasons too!


PS. A good vacuum should keep the dust trapped inside and not scatter it back into the air in the room you’re vacuuming.

I have asthmatic and allergy prone kids… so we can’t risk the dust settling back into the rooms we’re cleaning.

As we complete the renovation journey, I’ll share more of these details and the products with you, for now check out the below. 


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