Was it only in November of last year that parts of Johannesburg experienced 54hrs water shedding? I’ve also been seeing people in parts of the East of Johannesburg, are becoming accustomed to long bouts without water. Oh, and just last week we went 48hrs without water, in Sandton Nogal! A foreshadowing of what’s to come? We think so. However, all this talk about water outages has taken our focus off of one of the most important water features, taste! 

For our human body to not only survive but operate at optimum health we need water and a good amount of it too! Sadly, many people don’t consume near enough H20, and one of the main reasons people cite for not drinking enough water is the taste! Usually, our suggested solution to the problem is that people camouflage the taste with lemon or cucumber but that doesn’t solve the issue! Our tap water should not only be healthy and safe it should also taste good too! Candice Jansen, South Africa’s only Water Sommelier, told AoS that Lemon and Ice from a different source ruin the taste of water. Seems like we need education on healthy and tasty water. 

So how do we ensure that every South African household has access to not only healthy but great tasting water? Did someone say, JoJo? 

JoJo has a range of Disruptor water filters that cater to a variety of needs and applications, making sure people can “trust their tap water” at home and on the go! Their products are cutting edge and incorporate the use of industry-leading technology using a process called electroadsorption (an electrical field activated by water) to create a positive charge that attracts and traps negatively charged contaminants. It removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, sediment, medications, chlorine and more. It also contains anti-microbial silver that disinfects the filter, and powdered activated carbon to reduce odours and further improve the taste. 

 “Water has a source, a journey, a TDS level, a story and a taste profile,” Jansen noted.

Candice’s brief explanation about the taste and properties of water made it so clear to us that we still have so much to learn about water. Also, can we talk about how sexy she makes water sound? Her insight, passion and descriptions of taste notes give water this air of exclusivity. Like clutches proverbial pearls at the mention of anything other than tap water type of exclusivity.   

There is no questioning the importance of all South Africans, no scrap that, all human beings having access to safe water, however, we need to start educating ourselves on what that means. Are we all aware of what our water sources are and how best to preserve them? 

This is why I’m such a huge advocate of their filtration range. Not only do the different filters provide us with healthy water but they are also recyclable, they don’t waste any water during the filtration process, they don’t require any electricity (so loadshedding won’t disrupt our water intake), and most importantly, they remove the unhealthy contaminants, while maintaining all the good minerals which impact the taste of water. 

According to the World Health Organization, 93% of South Africans have sustainable access to improved drinking water. While the improvement might cover the healthy part of our water requirements, it does not necessarily mean the water tastes good. 

The ‘Blue Drop report’ also notes that South Africa has some of the cleanest drinking/tap water in the world, however, we must still be aware of the growing concerns for the deteriorating quality of tap water around the world, and indeed parts of  South Africa. It doesn’t matter where you live and where your water comes from, it’s vital that you put the health of your family and yourself first by investing in a quality water filtration system, because everybody not only deserves it but has a human right to access healthy, safe, and great tasting water.

Clean water is not necessarily safe water. Even after being treated, water can still contain traces of pharmaceuticals or even be over-chlorinated. It is therefore important for us to take measures to educate ourselves on the quality of the water that is being consumed by our loved ones and teach our pallets how to distinguish good from bad tasting water. Until then, we can play our part by installing a filtration system that will help us trust and enjoy the quality of our tap water. 

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