Johannesburg, South Africa (24 November 2022) – From a whimsical off-the-shoulder gown in the softest of organza to a striking red-carpet inspired ballgown, an eye-catching Jacquard embossed dress in the most serene of blues and onto an attention-grabbing ensemble in fuchsia and tangerine, four of SA’s top designers have revealed their alluring designs at the launch of the Comfort Scent-sory Fashion Auction.

Hosted by media personalities, Nomalanga Shozi and Olwethu Leshabane, guests including former Miss SA Tansey Coetzee, entrepreneur Leanne Dlamini and  media personality Abigail Visagie, viewed the specially crafted creations by Palesa Mokubung (founder and creative director of Mantsho), Kathrin Kidger of the eponymous brand known for its timeless style, emerging designer Kayla Stam and rising fashion wunderkind Jacques Bam at an innovative sensory experience at We are EGG retail emporium in Rosebank @The Zone in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

“This is an auction where, instead of bidding by holding up a paddle to make higher and higher offers, we want you to view the craftmanship of the designs in all their vibrant colours, feel the softness of the garments and smell the burst of fragrance which envelopes them as you bid to match four incredibly beautiful one-of-a-kind creations to one of our Comfort variants,” explained Sherry Hills, Comfort South Africa Brand Manager.

The four designers were carefully selected from across the country for their unique style and provided with an innovative challenge.  Each needed to produce a one-of-a-kind creation inspired by one of the luxury fabric conditioner’s seven variants – Heavenly Nectar, Morning Fresh, Divine Petals, Elegance Uplifting, Lily and Pure.

“As a fashion designer, I am constantly thinking about the care and longevity of my garments, so partnering with Comfort felt like a natural step,” said Kayla Stam whose emerging fashion label offering ready-to-wear, office and occasion wear is rapidly gaining a local following.

Jacques Bam, whose exuberant approach saw him win the coveted SA Fashion Week student competition in 2018, said he relished the opportunity to take a completely different approach to how he ordinarily designs.

“I really enjoyed the challenge of using my sense of smell in the design process, something I have never done before, and it added a lovely dimension to the design,” he said. 

For Durban-based Kathrin Kidger, fragrance took on a metaphorical dimension, selecting light weight fabrics to mimic the movement Comfort makes when added to water.

“I wanted the organza pieces to feel as though they were physically leaving in an existing form, and travelling much like scent does,” she explained.


Meanwhile Palesa Mokubung, the founder and creative director of Mantsho said her design, titled ‘Di Palesa’, takes its cue from the iconic yellow flower print which encapsulates their label’s logo.

“Like a bouquet of flowers, Di Palesa is a blooming dress of diverse, joyful colours,” said Palesa.

Open to the public, consumers attending the Comfort Scent-sory Fashion Auction can visit each designer booth for an immersive experience in which they smell the burst of endless fragrance, touch the softness of the garments on display and marvel at the vibrant colours of each design.

At each booth, they will select which Comfort variant matches the garment displayed.

Entering via a QR Code, their selection becomes their bid. The bids of only visitors who correctly match all four variants to the respective designs will be entered into the draw for the following prizes:

  • First Prize: A designer wardrobe to the value of R40 000;
  • Second Prize: An all-expenses paid experience valued at R40 000; and
  • Third Prize: Five winners of a full year’s supply of Comfort

The designer garments are on display from 23rd November until 23rd December at We Are EGG in Rosebank @TheZone. The competition closes online on 24th January.




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You have a chance to win big by simply matching the variant with the right design.

Prizes include:
1st Prize: A designer wardrobe to the value of R40 000;
2nd Prize: An all-expenses paid experience valued at R40 000; and
3rd Prize: Five winners of a full year’s supply of Comfort

All you have to do is use all your senses by visiting the @weare_egg store in Rosebank Mall to look at and smell the garments between now and 23 December
And then enter using the QR code found in store,
If you aren’t able to make your way in store, you can enter online via the link in stories/highlights.

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