We’re just about halfway and I’m finally settling into preggy mode and loving it.

I’m not going to say I’m not loving the spoils and having the rights to ask hubby for midnight meals *hehe*.

Whilst I had 2 very breezy pregnancies with my boys; I didn’t have as much self-esteem and empowerment come from the inside of me. Affirmed I was but very uncertain if I was doing it all right.

This time I’m learning to listen to my body and soul.

With my first two, I was mostly carrying on my belly and bums and post baby number two, I gained a lot of weight that I managed to shed very quickly, thankfully.

Even so now, there are days when I look at my body and don’t feel especially attractive. The reality is that we don’t all have the picture-perfect pregnancies (or delivery, for that matter) as they show on Hollywood movies.

So here are a few tips that I personally have for expectant mommies to bring back your mojo during pregnancy when you are feeling a little down or unsexy:

Show off the part of your body you are loving at the moment: 

I’m pretty sure we each have one when we’re pregnant. My first two pregnancies, I had pretty nice fully legs (as a skinny girl, this is major celebrations). This time around I’m quite loving my boobs. So, I’m loving tops that subtly sit lower on my chest and accentuate my bust.

Or simply show it all off: 

I whip on my Calvin Klein underwear or even my favourite lingerie pieces after a bath once a week and do a mini self-timer photoshoot. This lifts my spirit. It’s such a special reminder that I’m creating a beautiful little human inside of me. I might not like a lot of things physically but I’ve learnt to celebrate every bit of my changing body; from widening hips, to thickening thighs to thicker lips and growing nose. It’s all part of the process.

Work it out or Walk it out: 

A little walk on the treadmill, a mild yoga session, a mini work out or even around the block is definitely something that you need to do with your partner or you may be like me and prefer to be with your thoughts and centre and hit the treadmill alone for 30min for some sweat and thoughts.

It’s both beneficial for baby and you. The endorphins are amazing for you! It’s a beautiful way to start the day and end it. Though it might be very challenging in the first trimester if you are having or had morning sickness.

Have a mani: 

There are a lot of myths around the safety of manis and pedis whilst pregnant mostly because you are more susceptible to bacteria and infections whilst pregnant. Find places that are safe and that you trust clean their tools and basins well. I’ve been going to Miss Salon London, mainly because I trust their service, tools and cleanliness. The salons are open spaces and well ventilated – you have to try to avoid breathing in fumes during pregnancy. Another thing is that I have been very short of breath so I need my space; what I’ve done is book during times when the salon isn’t busy.

Wake up, Dress and Show up… Even if it’s to go wash the dishes: 

Okay so maybe the above pics are not quite what you were picturing but the wonders some make up and good outfit can do. I was so unwell during fashion week, nauseous and had that ears clogged up and feeling like I’m walking under water trudging through feeling throughout. But the feeling of dressing up and showing up made it all better.

It’s very easy to wallow on your down days – weekends particularly. There’s no 9-5 to report to. Or it’s just the schlep of nagging toddlers and kids combined with some preggy hormone.

But I’ve found a shower, my favourite perfume and a cup of coffee (not too strong) does the trip to get me up and in the mood for to just get negative thinking, anxiety and the down random feeling out the way.