I embarked on a 3 day bone broth fast over the last 3 days.

As mentioned before this wasn’t the first time I embarked on this fast.

This blogpost is a glimpse into my experience. I am. Not a medical expert or a nutritionist, so please do consult your healthcare provider should you want take part in this programme if you are not too sure how to effectively do it.

Day 1 – I generally had a hectic day.

In the morning after dropping the kids off at school, hubby and I had a gentle yoga session and then a cup of black coffee and a litre of water.

I wasn’t too hungry as work kept me busy for most of the day, I drank quite a lot of water to ensure I was staying hydrated. I only had 500ml of bone broth at around 4pm.

And then another 500ml later for dinner.

Hubby had the same amount.

We both had it with some ghee, Cayenne Pepper, Salt and Pepper.

I slept like a log! The best sleep in a while, I suspect it was the gentle yoga more than the fast itself. But the fast may be a contributor.

Day 2 – A lot of intense admin

I had an intense admin day and started the day with a Mermaiding class after dropping the boys off at school.

I was so amazed at the focus and the lightness of my body. Fasting has a magical effect on the body’s ability to wake up other parts of it that have been sleeping for a while. I feel this when I am fasting. I have read the science of how fasting sharpens the mind, but feeling it in the body actually happen, is magical.

Scientists have actually found that the brain and body actually perform better during fasting – the brain, cognitive function, learning, memory, and alertness are all increased by fasting. My swimming endurance was definitely better and my thinking was clearer.

I love reading and I am continuously amazed at how amazing my reading focus gets when I fast and during the times I am on a good balanced diet.

I had about 500ml of bone broth for breakfast and another 250mls for dinner.

The previous times I did the bone broth fast, I’d usually need about 2L. So I was shocked at the ability of my body to hold out.

Hubby had his 1L of bone broth and made it through the day well. I put a moratorium on the complaining, so I don’t think he quite had a choice.

Day 3 – As I Close Off My Fast

Today I had a good 30 min swim. I did more laps than I usually do. I found that I was able to push my thoughts aside and really be present in my swimming. I definitely felt my muscle pains and aches from yesterday’s Mermaiding class – it was an intense work out.

I marvel at the ability of my body to have not crashed after that.

I have a cup of coffee after my swim and only had a cup of bone broth at around 5pm as I was about to break my fast.

All in all, this being our 3rd time doing the bone broth fast has been amazing and has gone smoother than I had though. I think having an accountability buddy on the journey has helped a great deal.

My gut feels good, I know because I don’t have bloating at all and my brain feels switched on.

Like I had mentioned in the newsletter (sent out on Sunday), the best part of this fast is the overall benefits of the bone broth itself, which is good for:

  • Joint pain
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Promoting calming sleep, mood regulation and energy
  • Normalising your blood sugar levels
  • The bone marrow and amino acids are great fuel for the brain (so lowering that brain fogginess)
  • Weight loss from the gelatine, it helps with feeling fuller so when you just drink the bone both as you feel hungry, you feel the urge to eat lessen.
  • Your skin will be BOMB! Bone broth promotes hydration in your skin cells and provides the building blocks for skin, hair, teeth and nail health.
  • Decreases inflammation and builds new tissue in the gut.

I can attest to the best, most restful sleep and inflammation as well and water retention being lowered.

You can read the newsletter here:

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