1.    Invest in a good quality HEPA filter vacuum cleaner – your family’s health will thank you!

2.    View cleaning as a form of self-care

3.    Clean as you go – don’t wait for a mess to grow and get out of hand and always disinfect high touch surfaces

4.    Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Baking Soda are your cleaning besties – always keep some in the house

5.    Your kids Lego baseboards make for great makeup washers

6.    Keep a spray bottle of shower cleaner in the shower and spray your shower as you step out

7.    To remover price stickers stuck on items like glass and metal, a paper towel dapped in oil works magic

8.   Forgot your clothes in the washing machine overnight and now they smell terrible? Was again and this time, add a cup of vinegar

9.    Sanitiser removes crayon stains on walls. Spray and wipe – thanks to the pandemic!

10. Spray your bathroom mirror with antipersperant spray then wipe with a cloth to avoid it steaming up

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