With rising rates of malnutrition and obesity among South African adults and children, it is important to keep track of what our young ones eat to avoid nutrient deficiencies. In this episode we’ll tackle traditionalist approaches to caregiving and how they affect our diets. Here’s some background about our guests on this episode:

Lindiwe Whati Lindiwe Whati obtained her BSc in Dietetics from the University of the Western Cape. She started out her career as a hospital- based Dietitian and soon thereafter returned to Cape Town to complete her Masters in Nutrition Science with the University of Stellenbosch, while doing an internship at the South African Medical Research Council. She then took on a role to improve health and nutrition with a not-for profit organisation, and enjoyed a short stint as a community nutrition lecturer at the University of Cape Town. After moving to Johannesburg she joined Nestlé and has over 10 years, had the honour of using various platforms to advance nutrition knowledge of healthcare professionals, and the general public. She is married with 2 children aged 15 and 11. Keke Mphuthi Keke Mphuthi is a South African actress known for her role as Lesego in Showmax’s hit series “Unmarried”. he is also popular for appearing in the hit TV series, The Throne”. Her performance in the show has gained her more publicity and also endeared her to viewers. She has also appeared on the shows, Skeem Saam, iNumber, and more. She is a mother of one child. Keke recently revealed that she has a poultry farm which is thriving. Tune in now on our YouTube page @artofsuperwoman and don’t forget to share and subscribe.