If there is only one thing that a reader takes from this series, I would hope that it is that intuition is meant to help us. We can decide how we want to use it and what it should do for us, but its function should be bettering our lives. In the previous instalment, I spoke about intuition as a tool for making better decisions. When we make better decisions, notwithstanding the obstacles placed in our way by systemic oppression, we are able to curate a life that operates with ease and avoids disorder and chaos. What does that look like in practical terms?

Sometimes, it looks like the people we form relationships with. There are connections that introduce chaos into our lives and the more we allow them in, the more they disturb our balance. Many times, we feel things are not right with certain people but due to being socialised out of trusting our intuition we ignore such feelings. Eliminating connections that introduce imbalance and chaos into your life, unburdens you from the distraction and allows you to focus on creating order in your life. 

The environments we choose to spend time in can be another source of disorder in our lives. In these instances, there are not specific people or connections we can point to but, the character of certain environments are prone to produce adverse outcomes. Paying attention to how being in these environments makes us feel or what happens to us when we are there is a great use of intuition. Avoiding such environments frees up our time and energy to find environments conducive to better living. 

There are many examples of how we can use intuition to guide us into better living, but the point of all of them is that when we allow ourselves to be guided away from chaos, we are left with more energy and clarity of thought to create balance in our lives. It should after all be a goal of ours to be living more peaceful lives, if we can control it. 

Whatever your goals for your life are, and perhaps it is not simply for it to be peaceful, cannot be achieved without focus and clarity of thought. These are skills that can be unlocked when we eliminate distractions from our lives. Intuition guides us away from disruptions and distractions, if we listen. 

This series has looked into some of the possibilities for using intuition to guide us towards lives with more self-determination. For some of us, more than others, our circumstances are not always within our control and our lives are not fully of our own making. While acknowledging that, following our intuition can still make changes that allow us to improve even small things that bring personal fulfilment. The point about intuition is not that it is some mythical force that fixes everything that is wrong, but that it is an affirmation that we do know what is best for us. That knowledge is a powerful tool that we have been estranged from and a better life, however minimally, is on the other side of that power.