The plan was to have an outdoor picnic with hubby, but the rain dampened that idea and we settled for a nice warm indoor picnic. I wanted to recreate a picnic vibe so I pulled out my Moraka Interiors Oversized Picnic Tote  and my wooden serving board.

I didn’t want to slave too hard over the pots and decided to opt for a much simpler serving of food… Also… Hubby and I bond best over some junk food! Think: kasi chilling with a kota and your lover but minus the bread and artchaar. So the McCain chips and Russian was what we went for. I popped those into the Air Fryer whilst I prepped the empty room that will soon be my closet.

Hubby ofcourse prepped the bubbly and managed to scramble to find us batteries for the lamps to create the romantic setup.

Note to self: batteries need to be bought in bulk and stored out of sight of minions who install them into everything including old and broken toys they think they can revive. 

I also grabbed some plants from the lounge to get a nice indoor garden vibe going.

Making an effort to catch up and bond with your lover is so important and it is equally important to use food as a bonding source. Hubby and I love a fancy dish but most times, the simple food is where it’s at and what gets the good conversations going.

It has become increasingly difficult to plan a time out and date nights with the hubby. Our schedules are a mess and with everything happening in our life. But this was a lovely way to refresh our romance routine and try something different but so homely and comfortable.