During my first pregnancy one of my many worries was whether I was going to be able to breast feed my baby girl or not.
Constant questions going through my head asking myself if it would be practical to even breast feed as I only had a few uninterrupted months with her
before going back to work. What was never a  thought however – was whether I would have an appropriate public space to breast feed if I did.
There has been so much heated debate across the world and social media around public breastfeeding and what society is comfortable with and what is deemed indecent.
As a mother, the one thing that is preached about is BREAST is BEST from the moment you tell people you are expecting. Yes there are breast pumps and yes there are plenty of spaces where I can be hidden nursing my little one in a corner; but what kind of life is it where mothers are expected to do what is natural and healthy in the shadows?
I for one believe in whipping the breast out when needed and no public glare or scrutiny would stop me from doing what I have been proudly designed to do.

Written by:

Vanessa Musoke