Breaking up any relationship, I’m usually the one who just sits and waits for the other person to say something first. Even when I know this is the end. Then when the other party as much as says “Brea…”

I’m like: “Yep, I hear you! We’re done!”

As you can tell the relationship I had with my nanny went from bad to worse before the inevitable ending. And yes, our own helpers can abuse us! This is of course my view…

But when we break up with our helpers/nannies, there still needs to be the same respect that we part with than the one we connected on (if not more).

Some tips on break ups with nannies:

  1. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell her – give at least 2-3months notice and be active in assisting her with finding work
  2. Give her reasons and options.
  3. She’s an employee and you’re her employer at the end of the day – so respect needs to come into play.
  4. Be appreciative of her and call to find out how she’s doing now and again. – For me this is especially tough because I find myself wanting to pick up the phone to chat to my nanny. (It really was like an abusive relationship). But then I remember – SHE CHEATED ON ME AND SORT OF IN A WAY TOLD ME TO GET OVER ITL
  5. Allow her enough time to say goodbye to the kids and allow that daylong goodbye if need be. The bond kids create with their nannies is indescribable and can leave children traumatised and depressed or feeling neglect.
  6. If your nanny has broken up with you. Don’t get angry quick. Establish why and what could have been done to make the situation better. I’ve also learnt never to beg. Begging got me here in the first place. I begged her numerous times, this time I WAS DONE BEGGING! Lol… I was just like, “Ok then, when would you like to collect your clothes?”

Guess what she said? Like a crazy ex boyfriend, “Throw them away in the dustbin!” IMAGINE!

Just try clear the air on your part. Sometimes it’s not about you, its emotional maturity lacking in one or both ends.

Oh and fellow moms and ladies PLEASE can we stop nanny poaching. I have a feeling mine pulled these stunts because she got poached. Teary