Some of these parenting mistakes can result in children’s growing into unhealthy adults later in life… Let’s pay attention to them:

  1. Comparing children to each other: Children end up becoming jealous of each other which in effect causes -TADA- Sibling Rivalry! This also causes children to have a complex as well as under rate themselves later on in life.
  2. Over protectiveness & pampering: An inferior complex in kids is created when then don’t know how to solve basic life problems and issues.
  3. Neglecting the child: Children who are neglected end up having no interest in the impact of their actions to society. They do things for them with no realisation of repercussions.
  4. Disrespect: Ever heard the quote ‘Reprimand your child in private and praise them in public”.The inferiority complex comes into play when the opposite is done.
  5. Fighting violently in front of their children: Research shows that parents that fight in front of their children breed bullies. To them, violence is always the end and the way to get what they want.
  6. Giving more attention to the youngest child: When one child gets more attention than the others, the latter end up feeling well… worthless and like the latter…
  7. He is just a child: A child that is constantly lied to loses trust and confidence in others, often feeling worthless.
  8. Losing control in front of the child: Try your utmost to be in control in front of your children. Children experience life through their senses and the most important being sight. If you lose it by being angry, afraid or scared, they may feel you are not a place of comfort.
  9. Always leave room for democracy: Strict rules restrict children. Children under strict rules become people that put things off because they are afraid of doing it wrong and lack confidence.