The Growing Parent Podcast EP 3: Work-Life Balance with Dad While we often focus on moms, Episode 3 of ‘The Growing Parent’ podcast is a tribute to the amazing DADS out there and how they handle the seesaw of work-life balance as a parent! Whether you are a mom or dad life is all about intentional moments with your child. We explore how dads, like you, strive for that coveted work-life balance while nurturing a deep connection with their kids. Watch now to discover the secrets of being a down-to-earth, happy parent who trusts their instincts, supports their child’s journey, and doesn’t lose sight of their own. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on work-life balance with Dad – and be sure to hit that like and subscribe button after viewing ✨

Guests Information:

Themba Robin

Themba is a versatile talent, excelling as an MC, voice artist, comic, and actor, but his most cherished role is being a dad. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes quality time with his son. Utilizing his social media platform, Themba showcases the heartwarming relationship he shares with his child, capturing precious moments and fostering a sense of connection with his audience.

Dr. Tony Karpelowsky

Dr. Tony Karpelowsky is a Chiropractor with a special interest in the treatment of babies and children, for conditions amongst others colic, reflux, chronic ear infections, scoliosis, sleep dysfunction, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and headache. He is a contributing author on the parenting platform, Baby Yum Yum.