In celebration of Freedom month we are highlighting women who are about the business of challenging and changing oppressive systems that have maligned women in the workplace. For far too long women have been governed and socialised to measure their femininity and purpose by patriarchal structures and narratives. Throughout her career Ingrid Best, has been about the work of dismantling harmful systems of oppression, and creating spaces that  recognise, empower and celebrate their divine purpose. 

Two years ago when Olwethu sat down with the former Vice President of Global Marketing, Spirits, at Comb’s Enterprise Ingrid dropped invaluable gems.

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In this conversation Olwethu sits down for an intimate and inspiring conversation with Ingrid Best, Founder, CEO and Wine Negociant of iBest Wines & former Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Spirits at Combs Enterprises. During the candid conversation, Ingrid again drops invaluable knowledge about the fundamentals of leadership, mentorship and marketing, and talks about her current path as a Wine Negociant and founding CEO of iBest Wines. iBest Wines will launch with South African wines, an often underrepresented category in the wine industry – something Ingrid is working overtime to help change.