The last time we had a water outage of epic proportions, Malik was a bottle-feeding baby and our neighbourhood had no water for a week. I was also due to travel. I had to run to the store and source water that would last for what I hoped would be the few days I’d be away, and make arrangements for the kids to bathe at a family member’s home. It was an extremely stressful trip for me. Water is so essential. 

With all the water outages happening in many parts of the country, my family and I have invested in a Municipal Water Back-Up System from JoJo and it is literally the best thing since on-demand TV.

We, as a family, haven’t felt the impact of a water outage in almost a year… I mean our neighbourhood has, but we have a backup system that can sustain us for up to a week when outages hit. It is such a relief and great investment to get the JoJo Municipal Backup Water Storage Solutions into our home. Nothing breaks your flow like having to restructure your day because you woke up to no water in your taps, shower or bath. 

I’ve been sharing this journey with you as my community for over a year now and here are the regular questions that come up: 

  1. How long does the water back up last?

During a Municipal water cut, our 2700L Storage tank lasts for up to a week in our home of 6 with our usual bath and shower routines and trimming down of laundry.

  1. Do you need a lot of yard space to fit a tank?

No. We found dead space in our backyard that was next to the washing line. We didn’t even realise that space had ‘use’. The floor space measures 2 x 2m with a height of just over 2m.

  1. Does it require a lot of maintenance?

Nope. We just make sure to run the tank once a month to get the tank running and water flowing. Our tank is inspected on the inside every 3 months to ensure it is clean and all is well. Other than that, you just leave it there to do its own thing.

  1. Is it legal to store municipality water like that?

Yes. All that is required is for one to notify the municipality and a small fee or levy may be applicable. 

  1. Is the water from the tank safe to drink?

Yes, it is. This water is fit for consumption under normal circumstances. But with the recent Typhoid and Cholera outbreak in some parts of South Africa, I would recommend one opt for a water filter.

For more information including installation details, tap this link: JoJo Municipal Backup Water Storage Solutions

Let me know in the comments below what other questions you may have about the system and I will be sure to answer. 

Here’s a video explaining more about our whole home system: