For the next few months, we will be busking in the sun in our shorts, summer dresses, sunglasses, and floral shirts (if they are still in fashion). It’s officially a Hot Girl Summer!

We are at the cusp of a seasonal change right now and with that, some of us will have to brace our bodies with relevant products.

Have you ever heard of Manuka honey?

Manuka honey is one of the best honeys in the world which is popular for its medicinal properties.

Today we’ll be sharing the benefits of Manuka honey through the various Apicare products which you can shop here on the Art of Superwoman online store.

Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Here are some of our favourite products which you will find useful in this sunny climate for the next few months.

●  Apicare – Manuka natural gentle exfoliating face wash

This effective face wash is gentle enough for everyday use. It contains Jojoba beads to remove surface dead skin cells, which then reveal a younger looking vibrant complexion.

Hydrating Manuka honey in this face wash works well with the soothing Aloe vera to tone and soften your skin.

●  Apicare – Manuka natural rich day crème (anti-aging formula for dry & mature skin.)

It protects naturally against premature aging, and the rich antioxidants help protect against free radicals. while the Hyaluronic acid helps skin retain moisture resulting in a more vibrant healthy-looking skin.

●  Apicare – Manuka natural sun protect

This sunscreen doesn’t contain any artificial sunscreen ingredients. It protects from UVA and UVB rays.

It contains 100% natural zinc oxide sun protection.

It is also suitable for all skin types.

●  Apicare – Manuka natural creamy cleanser

This contains witch hazel and Manuka honey to naturally even and tone your skin. It also contains sugar beet extract which naturally exfoliates the skin’s surface layer, making your skin look, and feel smoother.

●  Apicare – Manuka natural night shift

This contains Manuka honey which holds and attracts moisture to the skin to help protect and slow the visible signs of aging.

The Camellia oil helps rejuvenate skin cell growth, while the Licorice extract assists in skin discolouration.

All these products can be purchased on the Art of Superwoman store.

Go place your orders now and achieve all those beauty goals!