Relationships are a forever ongoing negotiation, which is why you must be intentional about the things you bring to the table. New adventures and experiences help enrich and strengthen connections – emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. After being locked down and confined to one space for too long with your partner during the pandemic, perhaps getting vaxxed and planning a sweet escape may be just what you need to bring back that passion in your relationship. 

Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Travel In Your Relationship

1. Change Of Scenery Helps Couples Reconnect

“Spending day after day in the same place can make even the most devoted of couples a little off-balance. “A sense of monotony can cause numbness to feelings. Couples need to go on romantic escapes. It helps them reconnect and see each other in a different light which can rekindle the flame. Sometimes a weekend away from the normal routine is what it takes to jumpstart the romance”, says travel enthusiast, Charmaine Ramalope-Makhubela who has incorporated travel in her relationship with her partner.

Founder of Intimacy Coach International, Anne-Marie Clulow says we tend to behave differently and are more willing to communicate in relaxed spaces. Change of scenery in the context of interaction, allows couples to be more fun and playful.

2. Provides An Opportunity To Reinvest In Your Relationship

According to Clulow, a getaway that involves a spa visit or massage can help couples relax and rejuvenate, taking the pressure off both partners to have to do that for the other person. They get to “receive” together and no one feels pressured to be “giving” when they are exhausted.

She points out that relationships are about the balance of giving, receiving, and meeting needs, and that doing so through breakaways, retreats, and travel adventures helps put the ability back to having the energy to reinvest into the relationship.

3. Reawakens Curiosity

“In a life partnership plan, there are often bucket list type experiences that exist in travel. Sharing these peak experiences with your partner creates memories and experiences that bond and connect in a life relationship that often has a lot of work involved (kids, career, family, and community) and gives you space to share, away from all of the adulting required in a life experience. This also reawakens the ability to play and have fun, which we crave in a relationship”, says Clulow.

4. Helps You Plan For The Future

Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Tracy Jacobs assures couples that there is hope and anticipation for longevity in a relationship when you plan for all types of possibilities. “This may even include retirement plans. Traveling can help a couple feel a certain amount of safety and security about the future”. 

5. Brings The Flame Back In The Bedroom

In a practical sense, having a new outfit or even a new sex toy to introduce while you’re away can add spice and adventure. A different environment can help you learn new touch and pleasure techniques which then help deepen your relationship and connection.

Clulow encourages couples to try something new. 

“For some people that will be a simple couples massage, for some that will be a jacuzzi on a deck, and for some, a new page from the Kama Sutra with a delicious sensual meal beforehand. Ultimately it needs to be something both discussed and comfortable for the partnership”.

How can you achieve a better sex life during a getaway? Jacobs shares the following tips:

  1. Never leave home without your lube!!!
  2. Be present and in your body since there is nothing else on your mind (no work, no kids, no deadlines). 
  3. If it’s warm, go skinny dipping. If it’s cold, take long hot baths. 
  4. Take the pressure off sex and focus on touching each other or massaging one another without any expectations. 
  5. Have a conversation about your sexual expectations so neither is left making any assumptions about the other and the getaway is ruined

How To Plan A Weekend Away To Strengthen Your Relationship:

Charmaine shares the following:

  • Timing is key. 

As a couple, you may find comfort in a less crowded stay at your chosen accommodation. Booking your getaway during off-peak seasons helps alleviate this. The last thing you want, especially if your activities include exploring the city is waiting in long queues and getting average service due to high demand.

  • Plan the trip and activities together.

Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to try something new helps you learn more about each other as individuals. Try and get your partner involved in the planning as well. Find out what they’d like to get out of the getaway and work around it. It’s always nice to have both parties have a say. 

  • Avoid discussing money

Make sure you plan and budget for the getaway well in advance, so you don’t have to discuss it. Also, stick to the budget. 

  • Dress to impress. 

This is a sure way to get your partner to notice and see you in a different light. Don’t forget the importance of chivalry. Schedule a date night and look good for each other.

  • Less is more

Oftentimes when we travel, we want to have a jam-packed itinerary. This can be tiring and can take the joy away from the vacation. Try not to cram every hour with an activity, keep some free time in your schedule. 

Wrapping Up

In summary, here are three rules Charmain shares to keep in mind when planning your getaway.

Rule #1: Ditch the Cliché. 

Don’t call it a romantic getaway, it raises too many expectations. You don’t want to try too hard to be romantic. Just go with the flow and have a good time.

Rule #2: Limit Your Screen Time.

The best way to connect with your partner is to be present in the moment. Limit social media engagements and only keep your phone on for emergency purposes.

Rule #3: Try something new. 

New activities and experiences are the best way to bond.