Does your business service women? Have you identified women as your primary target audience?

Well here some tips on speaking to women and serving their needs:


Here’s a quick stat from Nielsen:

On average, 89% of women around the world say they have shared or primary responsibility for daily shopping, household chores and food prep. As a result, they’re also the primary purchaser for everyday household items.

Women are ready for societal progress. But is your brand/business/organisation ready?


  1. Realise that women are individuals

We are not a monolith and there is no one size fits all to how we serve a woman customer. Something else to not is that more women are entering the labour force, their buying power is set to increase and so if you are a service provider or a retailer, you should be prioritising women’s needs if you want to secure their market share now or in the near future.

It is also important to note that black women are not a niche, we are a demographic and a demographic that sets culture. Treat black women like royalty.


  1. Give women their time back – get straight to the point

Women generally don’t have time. Attend to their individual needs. Serve women what they need when they need it. Don’t overcomplicate things.

So what if what you have is not serving a majority right now? It is okay, carve a market but be consistent because trends and patterns shift. Your job is to know what you are doing, be consistent and not to waste a woman’s time, she’ll love you. 


  1. Be transparent

Be transparent about what you are giving women. Share your services and your costs upfront. If it is not for them in this moment, they will be back when they need you because you were honest and transparent from the get go.


  1. Close the pay gap

Hire women. Pay women their value and worth. Use women as suppliers and pay then on time. Lobby for women where you can. It’s that simple, really. 


  1. Be part of the movement towards financial freedom

Make shopping or service delivery safe, seamless and honest. Ensure all the necessary measures in your business are in place for all of the things to be achieve. Ensure your website is safe and your service delivery is swift. Please don’t scam a woman. Just don’t do it, we are already severely underpaid.

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