Using play therapy to decipher the emotions behind your child’s behaviour

No one can really say they’ve mastered the art of parenting. We learn different things about raising our children every day. Understanding your child’s emotions behind their behaviour can be quite tricky. Children don’t always have the language skills like adults to communicate how they are feeling and therefore tend to act out their emotions instead. As a result, it’s easy for us as parents to misinterpret or completely miss our children’s verbal and nonverbal cues. 

On this week’s edition of #TheSitDownParenting, we explore play therapy with Educational Psychologist, Yasmin Omar as she provides insight on why this expressive technique is a valuable tool in helping us as parents to respond to our children’s emotions and behaviour in a way that will build their character.


Yasmin Omar is an Education Psychologist, Former Teacher and Lecturer now working within the school setting and in private practise. She has extensive experience with learners from primary to tertiary level. Yasmin has shared her professional advice and opinions on a range of topics across different media platforms.

Her passion lies in assisting students, parents and teachers over life’s hurdles and discovering their strengths.