Make sure you don’t miss today’s edition of #TheSitDownRelationships. I’ll be conversation with artist and musician whose vocal prowess is completely aligned with her stage presence and performance, Buhlebendalo.

We will reflect on the political realities of our time, navigating through self-discovery and why we should re-introduce legends like the late Sis Brenda Fasciae and Mama Miriam Makes to upcoming generations.

Guest: Buhlebendalo

No enough words, song or dance can adequately express Buhlendalo’s artistic talent. She has embraced with open arms her unsolicited gift from the gods. Her music and artistic excellence transcend the music itself and extends to the world unknown, touches even the souls of those not yet born.

Emerging from the dusty, yet deeply conscious streets of Soweto, armed with a voice and a hunger to sing, Buhlebendalo has not only made an indelible mark in this cutthroat industry, but she also has created a cult following of her own.