Decoding your hormone metabolism: How genetics play a role in your overall wellness

According to research, our lifestyle choices – the food we eat, the chemicals we are exposed to, how active we opt to be and even our social environments can alter our health at the level of the genre.

#TheSitDownWellness unpacks all that we need to know about the link between genetics and our health, why certain diseases run in the family and how you can break those cycles.

Guest: Dr Samantha Baron

Dr Samatha Baron is Head of Genetics at Skin Rejuvenation Technologies where she focuses on genetic testing to create awareness around personal health and potential disease risks. Her aspiration is to provide indivduals with their genetic information to make more informed and exclusive lifestyle choices. She has a Ph.D. in Genetics and Biotechnology, and has worked on some major health topics of Africa including malaria and tuberculosis.