Do set an appointment for today’s edition of #TheSitDownRelationships featuring Simphiwe Dana, South African singer, songwriter, also known for her creative social commentary and activism through music as a political art form.

We reflect on our relationship with each other, as a people and whether or not we still embody the true essence of Ubuntu. We also get her thoughts on societal ills we’ve been engulfed with as well as gush over her new music video for her song titled, Masibambane.

Guest: Simphiwe Dana

1980, Gcuwa is the Eastern Cape, Republic of South Africa, marked the birth of Simphiwe Dana, a multiple award winning music force. That birth, though with other self-discovery and life paths that saw her pursue graphic design and information technology studies, had always had an artistic nature and anchor.

Dana’s art early formation and nurturing include her mother’s soulful and impassioned singing to ‘unknown’ but life force talent that flowered and permeated Johannesburg small clubs and music scene, to the almost perfect on arrival professional debut with the 2004 recording, commercial and critical success of her debut album Zandisile.

Her debut was followed by The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street in 2007, Kulture Noir in 2010, Firebrand in 2014, and An Evening with Simphiwe Dana Live in Concert and the 2016 Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience, featuring Buike and Asa.