Pre and Postpartum exercise: fitness guidelines for new moms.

Maintaining an active lifestyle in something most people strive towards. The dynamic are even different for new moms – pre and post pregnancy.

What are the benefits of staying active during your pregnancy as well as after having your baby? Joining us on #TheSitDownWellness is Belinda Netshipise who is the founder of gains Wellness and Personal trainer as she gives expert advise on elements of exercise every mom can work through, during and post pregnancy.

We also discuss dealing with the pressure of snapping right back.

Guest: Belinda Netshipise

Belinda Netshipise, owner of Gainz Wellness, is a qualified personal trainer through Institute of Fitness Professionals, qualified in 2013 whilst studying her BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Her fitness certificates include exercise and pregnancy, boxing and Bootcamp. Belinda prides herself in her achievements as she lost 20kgs through hard work and dedication and working with group of trainers. With going from fat to fit herself, she has a vast knowledge in weight loss, strength, functional, HIIT, Tabata and boxing training. Belinda hosts a variety of people. For your health, fitness, weight loss needs.

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Instagram: @belinda_gainz

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