Topic: Beauty diversified and the dynamic of the Beauty industry from the Matte Projects’ perspective

Guest: Mathahle Stofile (The Matte Project)

Mathahle Stofile is a beauty entrepreneur, commentator, former beauty director of Marie Claire South Africa and founder of The Matte Project (TMP). TMP emerged as an idea at the realisation of the lack of tailored information for black women’s unique grooming needs in mainstream media. It is now a consultancy for individuals and brands, a monthly newsletter, a content creator and community of women all looking to access accurate information around beauty and wellness.


For Mathahle, @thematteproject is an idea she had while she was still a magazine beauty editor. She was constantly aware of how many white beauty editor voices there are around the world, and these were the voices responsible for sharing beauty messages, advice, tips and recommendations with a vast and diverse women’s market.
There seemed to be one type of woman everyone was addressing: the white woman. She decided to start a consultancy where their sole focus and default setting is decoding beauty products, tips and tricks for the woman who isn’t white – in other words, women of colour – and specifically the black woman.