Olwethu talks to Dr Nataly Woollett about the harsh realities of child abuse in South Africa.  Despite the fact that parents do their best to protect their children from predation- the high incidence of abuse in our society means there is a high chance many listeners of this podcast have/ may have to deal with the trauma and effects of abuse.  In this 2 part conversation we unpack restorative and healthy tools to adopt in order to help a child/ family cope with this unfortunate trauma. Dr. Nataly Woollett is a South African therapist and researcher, trained and registered in the fields of psychology, play therapy and art therapy.  Her clinical expertise is in trauma and traumatic bereavement; as well as the intersection of mental health, HIV and violence.  She has worked with and studied multiple traumatized populations both locally and internationally and has a particular interest in the wellbeing of children, adolescents and their caregivers. 

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