As parents we unknowingly cause harm to our children’s feet by putting them in dangerous footwear.

Because most of the bones in children’s feet are cartilage and do not harden or fully develop until the age of 18, children should wear shoes with good shock absorption, a well-made foot bed, flexibility and durable soles. A good pair of shoes helps the bones develop naturally.

So it was a no brainer when Bubblegummers and my family partnered up – All their products are designed with the highest standards of technology, so that children can enjoy activities with the comfort and safety necessary for development and exploration in the early stages of their lives. My boys are very busy humans and have very different tastes when it comes to shoes – Mikaili loves his sandals and Morgan loves his sneakers. Malik, well we’re still figuring his taste out but what’s for sure is that fact that. He adores the smell of his shoes; I’m having a hard time stopping his from constantly kissing them. Lol.

Malik has pretty big feet and at the age of 18 months, he’s already fitting into the Bubblegummers range that has an offering for children from 2 to 10 years old, the range also offers the discerning kids a fun choice of dress shoes, takkies and sandals for both boys and girls.

And because Malik is literally still feeling his legs around this whole walking thing, I love that the shoes have amazing Bubble Grip, Bubble Health and a unique Bubblegum smell… see why Malik can’t stop kissing them? They’re irresistible.

As a brand under the legendary Bata umbrella, Bubblegummers have been worn by generations of children who have lasting memories of their first pair of Bubblegummers. I can’t wait to create memories with my children in them. These are fun, youthful shoes and they ensure the healthy growth of my children’s feet. 

See why it’s the mom’s go-to brand for children’s shoes?