The boys’ holiday started on the 4th of December and boy has it been manic since! I get a nervous giggle that creeps up my spine just thinking about it.

So far they’ve not disappointed in their consistency of madness… Nope, they are absolutely unpredictably predictable; from breaking more vases to sneaking out of windows (don’t ask). They have in no doubt been… Ummm… Boys.

IMG_0201 copy

DRESS: Replay Ladies Denim Dress | SHOES: Witchery Wedge

IMG_0251 copy

DRESS: Replay Ladies Denim Dress | SHOES: Witchery Wedge

I had to do quite a bit of prep to prepare myself for the holiday period, not just mental preparation (although I do feel slightly more insane) but I braided my hair. More time with the boys equals less time to maintain my own neatness, this includes my hair… I honestly get lazy to comb my hair; now can you imagine when you feel exhausted from entertaining kids? 

I am really learning the to give my full attention to the kids (I find they struggle with the concept of giving me theirs whilst expecting me to participate in 5 million activities at once). I’m also learning the art of being present, turning off my phone, the TV and all gadgets and listening to them, especially at meal times and bedtime. It’s so tough though! They themselves cant even focus on the words, “It’s bath time”. Removing distractions lets them know they’re special and there’s no need to compete for your attention, but then you switch everything off and before you know it, they want Paw Patrol or Ninja Turtles *Pffft*. Anyway, my hubby and I are trying.

By the way, I’m thoroughly looking forward to Christmas. I’m hosting this year (pray for me!). I’m excited, nervous and already stressed out just thinking on it.

Christmas is like the peak of the year for all families especially African families.


2014 Family Christmas


2014 Family Christmas


2014 Family Christmas

There’s the new clothing (Christmas clothing), decor efforts, gifts and FOOD – listen, I’m a woman married to an African man, so the expectations are never blurred – there better be lots of food and I better have cooked it myself! My mom in-law is so relaxed, she wouldn’t even fuss if I rallied some Woolies and dishes up straight from the original packaging. It’s the rest of the family I’m worried about. LOL. My mantras (if i can call them that) to nail this Christmas are 2: 

  • Keep it simple
  • Not to stress about the small things – like the spilled tomato sauce and the untidy lounge or worse the tomato sauce spilled all over my couch cushions *sigh*

Anyway, Happy Holidays Fellow Superwomen! ????