My word! This most definitely has be the toughest part of my day!

I generally sleep between midnight to 3am in the morning, depending on how busy I am and which deadline I’m chasing. And as the years have gone by I’ve found it harder and harder waking up in the morning. Luckily we have a sleep in nanny for the kids and she plays such a huge role in getting them to bed on time and getting them up in the morning.

Before kids, I’d always fantasised a routine of waking up, getting all dolled up, getting the kids dolled up and then driving off to school with classical music harmoniously symphonising the background oh so peacefully. I had it all wrong!

IMG_9772 copy

White Dress: Witchery | Neck Piece: Maria Mccloy

This is how my morning looks 70% of the time:

Between 6.30 and 7am (whichever time I manage in this gap) – Up and zombie to the shower. This is after arguing with my husband about who goes first, I win 9/10 times; forcing him to go into the shower first. He always ends up taking too long anyway… making me late and grumpy – my fault… NOT! (But goodness he takes long in the shower! Possible twice the time I take)

7 – 8am  – Shower, get dressed, frantically shouting at everyone because we’re late! I absolutely savour in and enjoy my coconut oil moments before getting dress. Okay, so… This is how it goes:

I don’t towel dry after showering, I apply pure coconut oil (i hope it’s pure) to my wet body and allow it to air dry whilst I figure out what to wear. This part is a huuuuge dramatic part of my morning, almost reducing me to tears on most mornings because I look at my cupboard and shoe closet and see so much stuff but I rarely have anything to wear! *Sigh*

I also just feel like sometimes my husband thinks I sound like a spoilt brat, but do men understand how emotional looking good is? Do they understand the link between a gorgeous dress and a smile? Hmmm…  Then there’s the make-up. My make-up is on most mornings either half done, done in the car on the way to dropping off the boys or in the office bathroom (I want to laugh at this scenario every time I retell it – I sound like a woman with life not figured out LOL) . I’ve managed to reduce my make-up time though from about 30 to 45 minutes to 5-10min depending on the kind of day I have ahead (This I will blog about in a later post – I’ll tell you how).

IMG_9803 copy

White Dress: Witchery | Neck Piece: Maria Mccloy

8 – 8.30am –  in the car and off to school. Tons of song requests, madness, car spotting and bribing. My boys seem to thing they are experts at music choice on the way to school and cars. They, especially Morgan, are so car obsessed. So obsessed that they’ve managed to crash one of our cars before the ages of 4 years. Yep!

PS. I’ve once forgotten to wear shoes and realised when I needed to get out and take the kids into class. The teachers and I had a laugh… They then formally welcomed me into the insanity club called motherhood. [I’ve forgotten many things as well ie. wearing a bra, forgetting to wear my contact lenses… I’ll stop].

But boy do I love and enjoy my coffee time in the morning. This is the ten minutes after the madness where I actually get to regather my thoughts and gain my sanity before losing it to all the work and the school pick up. I ease myself into my to do list with a nice strong big cup, usually without milk and pretty bitter. Then the madness begins again and it does not stop until 10pm where the winding down to the next day’s plans begin.

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Now what I honestly look forward to is weekends (The ones where our nanny is around *giggles*). I honestly use the extra time on weekend to doll up and be able to spend more time on me. Weekends excite me because I choose to feel the work pressure – because: self employment – but I can choose to ignore it to just kick back and be a mom and wife. These are the days I choose tea over coffee, sleep at 10pm and read when I can. The boys come tuck in with us on mornings and we nap with them guiltlessly during the days.

Than the madness begins again post-church on a Sunday (We attend the 5pm service at our church). we get back and the week planning and chaos begins to seep into us all over again. Its so addictive though!

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