So I’m writing my last exam tomorrow – finally! ????

My helper/nanny is away and my boys can be such a handful – I’d hardly have time to review my work. AND My hubby’s working late with back to back deadlines.
So I called in some help. But at first I thought, aargh I’ll just bathe them, feed them and get them to bed, then I’ll study. But that would mean studying through the exhaustion. Bath time alone is a gym session! An SOS sent out to my younger brother and sister came back with excited signals to take on the challenge.
(The image below is a result of my stolen phone paired with my kids knowing my passcode and taking a pic with their uncle Josh?❣)
Even as a woman with friends who have kids, I feel we need to be willing to help each other and go out of our way. Our kids need and require us to be level headed. If you feel you need a tea break away from the kids – just ask someone to babysit for a couple of hours, it does not make you a monster or a horrible mom. It makes you human.
Sometimes it’s not easy asking for help but we need it. Our kids need us to be strong and sane, for their own sanity too.

Uncle Josh & Morgan