‘Morgan who cut up my stuff in my study?’

‘It was Santa, Olwethu!’ He responded convincingly.

‘Mikaili! Who cut my stuff up?’ I screamed again.

‘It was Santa, Olwethu!’ Mikaili shouted as if the question was awaited.

Growing up I observed different relationships and came to the conclusion that when parents did not back each other up, kids got away with more so my husband and I have a ‘Back each other up and we’ll discuss it later’ policy. We’ve obviously figured that partners who back each other up find it much easier to manage their children’s behaviour. Agreeing with each other in front of children makes it easier to discipline them and set them back in line. But… We now have a spin in our household, Mikaili and Morgan have now formed an alliance. A very this as thieves alliance!

To the point where, when I found my study with stuff all cut up, they each knew to blame it on something/someone else. (Or maybe it’s their individual defense mechanisms). Sooo… It seems backing each other is a trend in our home.

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