Today I Choose Me… I choose to make me happy
(You can feel free to clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!)
  • The fresh morning light
  • I woke up next to my best friend
  • My new book I’ll be digging into
  • The sound of my sons’ inquisitive voices
  • The smell of ‘Love Me Tender’ loose leaf tea
  • A spring fresh house
  • My favourite Emily King song
  • The moment an old school house tune plays and my husband loses his mind and breaks out into dance and our boys join in
  • When my boys get along so well that I fear disturbing if I glance in their direction
  • My white fluffy and comfortable jersey
  • Fresh flowers all over the house
  • Beautiful morning light streaming into the house
  • Barney song requests in the car on the way to school each morning and on the way home each afternoon
  • The smell of possibility each morning
What’s making you happy today? I hope your list is long!
**PS: bonus points if you can find the secret message hidden in this post! I should really get a job designing the games on the back of kids cereal boxes!