I remember bringing Morgan home from hospital… Boy did my two little gentlemen look cute together side by side. The pain of my C-section was still reeling held under management by the Stilpane prescribed by the doctor.
Morgan unlike Mikaili was the sleeper. All he literally did was eat, burp and sleep.
I’d passed out for a nap when I heard a shuffle at the foot of my bed… There Mikaili was inside the cot trying to lift Morgan out of the cot.

How was I going to deal with this? Two boys under two at the time… The madness was only beginning.

We are now at two boys under four and I don’t know whether to say I’m happy or embarrassed to announce – nothing has changed.
The madness continues…

We now have a tag-team of daily craziness about the house. One potty trained and another refusing to even try the potty – ‘allow him to ready himself’ they say.

Back then it was trying to manage ‘Tantrum Tuesdays’ and also sooth a crying baby.
Now? It’s not knowing whether to chase the one down Pick ‘n Pay isles or scold the other standing tall on the seat section of the trolley shouting, ‘I’m Ben Ten’.