Oh yes I do…

My kids rule me. They rule me so much so that we are on a first name basis. They call me by my FULL first name.


My husband and I have always stood for the notion that kids need to have strong personalities and stand up for themselves but we didn’t quite anticipate it would be practiced on us at toddler level. Just the other day my eldest and I were in conversation when daddy interjected; he firmly but politely called daddy to order saying,

“Dada, I was not talking to you. I was talking to Olwethu.”

And back to our conversation he went.

So you see, my husband and I have created this. How we ourselves interact with each other has filtered into our children’s demeanors and their firm standpoints at 2 & 3 years of age. This does not quite sit well with us when we have to jet off to school in the morning whilst Teletubbies is playing or during the mad dinner rush before bath and bed time, because our kids seem to think we are entitled to their opinions and standpoints in EVERYTHING! It becomes quite the mad house. But I created this army… We soldier on!