I love being right… I hate being wrong.

We live in a society where we are led to believe that in every situation there needs to be the superhero and the there needs to be the villain.

This thinking clouds our heads so much so that even when we get into a relationship, a toilet seat argument will edge around who is right and who is wrong and as couples we forget that the enemy here was whoever made the toilet seat to have to be lifted when our male counterparts have to use it.


Steve Maraboli oh so eloquently penned this statement:

“Let’s not forget it’s you and me vs. the problem. Not you vs. me.”

Even in our work relationships. We focus so much on crippling the other person rather than breaking the wall that is disallowing you to adequately communicate with the other party. We play the man not the ball.

There is no right and wrong. There’s the issue and there’s how do we take it apart and form a solution.


But hey, when I ask my husband to go easy on the salt or the McDonalds, he may call it nagging. I say it’s making sure we enjoy longer years together. In that situation – I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.