After Paradise and USURPA Gallery are thrilled to announce a month-long art showcase, dedicated to celebrating Womxn’s Month in South Africa. This curated artistic journey promises to entertain and inspire audiences through a diverse array of immersive activities.

The event will feature captivating musical performances, insightful panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all thoughtfully designed to foster dialogue and ignite creativity. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to delve into the creative process, embracing art as a powerful medium for personal growth and expression.

Highlighting the showcase will be awe-inspiring art and tech installations, masterpieces created by talented South African Womxn artists. These groundbreaking works will bridge the gap between traditional art and innovative technology, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

To infuse an element of excitement, the event will host thrilling giveaways, granting attendees a chance to own a piece of this unforgettable celebration, cherishing the spirit of South Africa’s Womxn.

“Our Womxn’s Month celebration will be a rich tapestry of art, Womxn, technology, and culture, encapsulating the essence of South Africa’s Womxn,” stated the organisers.

Diversity & Inclusion Purpose:

Recognising the challenges faced by womxn in the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces, and acknowledging the broader gender diversity issues within the technology sector, the event aims to address these inequalities. The industry’s historical male dominance has created barriers, leading to feelings of exclusion and biases for womxn. Additionally, social and cultural factors may discourage womxn from exploring careers or participating in these areas.

As part of their efforts to promote inclusivity, After Paradise and USURPA Gallery are collaborating with Art of Superwomxn. This partnership aims to support and encourage womxn’s participation in the crypto and NFT space through educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking events. These initiatives will not only span the month of August but also continue to advocate for progress beyond the event’s duration.

The organisers highlight that despite the challenges, womxn have contributed significantly to the crypto and NFT space, excelling in various roles as investors, developers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Encouraging womxn’s involvement through education, mentorship, and inclusivity initiatives is key to cultivating a more balanced and diverse industry.

Event Timeline:

The Womxn’s Month celebration has been meticulously planned to offer a diverse range of engaging activities throughout August:

1. Exhibition 1 – AP X USURPA: Showcasing the work of 10 artists in collaboration with After Paradise and USURPA Gallery. (Approx. 150 guests)

2. Exhibition 2 – AP X USURPA: Featuring 10 different artists associated with After Paradise and Usurpa Gallery. (Approx. 250 guests)

3. Work Exploration with Nandipha: A day-long session dedicated to exploring Nandipha’s work and discussing her future creative vision. (Approx. 35 guests)

4. Latitudes: A three-day event highlighting the work of female artists from Africa. (Approx. 200 guests per day)

5. Exclusive Dinner with Nandipha Mntambo (EYAO): An intimate dinner for 20 guests, featuring renowned artist Nandipha Mntambo. Pricing details will be announced.

6. Art of Superwomxn: A series of panel discussions divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Pricing details to be confirmed. (Approx. 50 guests)

7. Fhumu Workshop: A 10-day immersive tech workshop, culminating in a celebratory exhibition. (Approx. 10 guests)

8. Touch Workshops: A one-day workshop dedicated to developing soft skills. (Approx. 30 guests)

9. Blackboard Workshops: Sunday tech workshops, content to be determined after further discussion. (Approx. 20 children)

10. Launch Day #1: A fem-friendly afternoon to early evening event, marking the launch of the first exhibition featuring ten artists. (Approx. 150 guests)

11. Launch Day #2: Similar to the first launch day, this event will introduce the second set of ten artists featured in the second exhibition.

The event is proudly sponsored by Samsung, African Technopreneurs, Meta Creations, After Paradise, Art of Superwoman, Cape St Blaize, Tanzaro Vermouth, and Eat Your Art Out.

Join us for this extraordinary celebration of art, technology, and the indomitable creativity of South African Womxn. Stay tuned for further information on the schedule, ticketing details, and the exceptional lineup of talented artists and creators participating in this unforgettable month-long showcase.

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About After Paradise:

After Paradise is a leading creative agency, inspiring and empowering artists and creators from diverse backgrounds. Committed to innovation and inclusivity, After Paradise curates meaningful experiences that celebrate artistic expression.

About USURPA Gallery:

USURPA Gallery is a prominent art space, showcasing contemporary and cutting-edge art from both established and emerging artists. At the forefront of the art world, USURPA Gallery aims to push boundaries and create impactful experiences.