Over the last 6 months, we’ve heard from Olwethu in conjunction with Jojo talk about the imminent water scarcity crisis that we face as South Africans and just recently international Yogi and Spiritual guru Sadhguru launched a movement to raise awareness about the poor conditions of our soil and how this will impact our food supply in just under sixty years. 

The continued heightened interest in climate change and the impact that it’s having and will continue to have on the quality of our daily lives, keeps future-focused well resourced investors interested in securing a piece of the inevitable financial pie and uptick in job opportunities and security for the next decade. In light of this,  International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd, and other pertinent climate issues that impact our planet, food and water supply we compiled a list of 9 key career opportunities within the environmental sector. 


  1. Environmental Engineer 

Environmental engineers incorporate the principles of engineering, biology, chemistry, and soil science, to come up with solutions to environmental problems. Environmental Engineers are usually consulted on issues that impact public health, recycling, waste and water and air pollution control.

Projected hiring growth: An estimated 6,800 jobs by 2024

Remuneration: Average of R257,197 

  1. Environmental Scientist/Specialist 

Environmental scientists and specialists combine their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and human health. They are typically consulted by government institutions to consult on policy and for issues that involve waste reduction and cleaning up polluted areas. 

Projected hiring growth: 10,200 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R259,141

  1. Atmospheric Scientist and Meteorologist 

Atmospheric scientists focus their expertise on studying how the weather and climate impact our human activity and the earth in general. 

Projected hiring growth: 1,100 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R259,141

  1. Geoscientist 

Geoscientists typically focus on studying the Earth’s composition, structure and other such processes to better understand the past and future of the planet. 

Projected hiring growth:  3,800 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R321,000

  1. Biochemist and Biophysicist  

Biochemists/biophysicists focus on studying both the physical and chemical principles of living organisms and their biological processes such as cell development, growth, heredity and diseases. 

Projected hiring growth: 2,800 jobs in 2024 

Remuneration: Average of  Biochemist R199,979/Biophysicist R570,370 

  1. Conservation Scientists and Foresters 

Conservation scientists and foresters typically focus on managing the overall land quality of natural resources such as forests, parks, and rangelands. 

Projected hiring growth: 2,700 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R351,207 Conservation scientist and  R287,049  Forester

  1. Hydrologist 

Hydrologists focus on studying the movement of water across the Earth’s crust and their expertise is typically sought out when issues around water availability and quality arise. 

Projected hiring growth: 500 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R322,932

  1. Urban & Regional Planners 

Urban and regional planners are responsible for coming up with equitable plans for land use and programs that facilitate the accommodation of communities and take into consideration population growth. 

Projected hiring growth: 2,400 jobs by 2024 

Remuneration: Average of R205,393

  1. Agricultural and Food Scientist  

Agricultural and food scientists are responsible for researching ways to improve the efficiency and safety of agricultural products and establishments. 

Projected hiring growth: 1,900 jobs by 2024

Remuneration: R219,990