One thing about me; when I travel, I will search for the most luxurious options I can get at the lowest rate possible! Some may see it as being frugal and cheap, I call it “getting the most out of my coins.” Traveling is an absolute must for me and I never want to feel like I can’t travel because I can’t afford to, this is a mental trap we can easily fall into when we click open our Instagram feeds and see all these beautiful pictures of our online peers traveling in luxury, we may look at them an think, geez I may need to work harder so I can also afford to travel like that”.

 I ‘d like to think that traveling is a personal thing, whether you are a traveller that likes the outdoors music festival camping vibes or you prefer luxury hotels with fine dining and spa experiences; what matters is that we get the most out of our experience and that we are happy. What works for one person may not work for another and remembering that traveling is a personal investment and not a status symbol may help us plan better and stay within our personal budgets. There are many benefits to traveling and anyone can travel if they choose!.

Growing up on the streets of Tembisa in the 90’s I never thought that going beyond the borders of South Africa would ever be a thing for me, but once the travel bug bit me on my first trip to Chicago in 2012 I’ve never looked back ever since. Traveling near or far has become a way of life for me, over the last ten years I’ve experienced couch surfing in New York, Sailing on the clear waters of the Caribbean, learning about different types of tequila in Cozumel and negotiating a lower price  Champaign with the street vendors who trade next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris,; searching for great deals  has become second nature. Over the years I’ve learned that there are a few things we can do to avoid breaking the bank to enjoy a luxury travel experience and I’m going to share  my top three tips.


Unless you have to take an impromptu last minute trip, planning ahead for your travels is one of the best ways to save money and still enjoy luxury, the saying “time is money” plays a great role in this instance; the less time you have the more money you may need to pay especially when it comes to flights and accommodation. So if you know what your travelling dates are months or weeks in advance it is better to book your accommodation and flights as early as possible. 


Luxury travelling on a budget may require more time and patience. Grab a coffee, sit on the couch and set some time apart to look through trusted apps and online resources and search for the best deals you can find. This can actually be a fun activity to do whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, it can get you even more excited about your trip. Remember that preparing for the trip can be as much fun as finally taking it, especially when you can save money while you’re at it!


 Opening yourself up to multiple options can be freeing when planning your travel because             the more options you have in front of you, the less stress you’ll have while planning. Consider if it would be more effective to travel by air or road if both options are available to you; remember that although traveling by road may seem like the cheaper option, it may require you to add an extra day or sacrifice valuable time that could be spent enjoying your destination. Planning in advance will score you plane tickets at a bargain. Another great thing to consider would be your accommodation; would it make more sense to stay in a hotel or a guest house or Airbnb? Ultimately your choices and taste may play a big role in you saving money while traveling.

All in all, there are many ways one can travel in luxury without breaking the bank and the more we travel the better we get at it. Another little nugget that I’d like to share,  avoid traveling during peak seasons such as  the summer or around national holidays such as Christmas or Easter. This can also be a great money saver but that doesn’t mean we can’t save a buck if we plan in advance! My personal go to apps are, Trivago and Airbnb.  Now go ahead and start planning your next trip because one thing’s for sure; the world is a beautiful place and we deserve to experience it!