“Despite the stats showing that nearly 38% of households in South Africa are headed by women, women said they believed that their role as female breadwinners was viewed as threatening to the traditional male role of a provider.”

The pandemic has taken a lot of strain on relationships and most of all, finances in relationships.

Some conversations that we avoided for a lot time have had to be had but some we have no language for, we’ve still avoided.
When speaking to a financial advisor on one of The Sit Down Live conversations in 2020, she highlighted that in many instances during the lockdown and the pandemic business losses and job losses women bore the brunt but also managed to keep their families afloat.

But why do we still reserve the title of breadwinner to men or assume the role of breadwinner in relationship is for men or for the masculine figure.

Join Olwethu and Neo Leshabane, Viwe Dweba and Eunice Sibiya as they discuss this and also help us shape our conversations in our relationships and our homes around finances and relations amongst men and women where full disclosure and vulnerability are concerned.