If ‘umgowo’ (A South African IsiXhosa slang word which means that one is going through the most/going through a lot) was allocated a season in our lives collectively, it would definitely be between 2020 and 2021. Most of us have lost loved ones, experienced job losses, faced tough adjustments in our businesses and personal lives and have collectively dealt with general life challenges. 

In fact, a survey conducted by The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) indicated that it had been receiving more calls since the start of lockdown from people feeling anxious, lonely, worried and depressed. It stated that many callers were stressed about a combination of issues including the spread of COVID-19, finances, relationship problems, job security, grief, gender-based violence and trauma.

We all need encouragement and for most people, a reliable source is one that comes from a higher power. 

And today you have come to the right place. Here are four amazing female spiritual leaders you can listen to, for those days when you need a push, healing or affirmation in this season of your life.

Sarah Jakes-Roberts

“Like Eve (in the Bible), we’re all carrying a casket that follows us into our relationships, or rooms, our societies, our cultures. It’s a moment that forever shifted how we saw the world. It forever changed our ability to be innocent and carefree because pain met us, and when pain met us, it changed us…“

Sarah Jakes Robert’s sermon, Girl Get Up, mirrors back to what the modern woman faces and carries through life’s challenges and circumstances. 

When she was twenty-three years old, she battled with the stigma that comes with teen pregnancy, depression, low self-esteem, and insecurities.  Sarah chose to embrace her wounds and turn them into hope while reaching out to other women to heal and thrive the life God has purposed for them.

As a four-time author, pastor, media personality, wife, and mother to six children, her messaging is centred around encouraging women to persevere through life’s challenges, prioritise their healing, practise self-care and chase purpose. Through her tons of sermons, one thing that stands out as she boldly declares her faith on stage, is her style and well put together wardrobe. She gives women no excuses to believe they cannot do it all. She launched Woman Evolve, a ministry that focuses on incubating women to their fullness. 

Cindy Kruger

Cindy Kruger is a psychic medium who conveys messages from loved ones who have passed on, to those that are still living. In her readings, she assists people with pivotal information that will help them along the journey of healing. Her readings also include spiritual connections that people have with other people that are still living. 

On her DSTV and Netflix series Spirit, she had readings with people (including celebrities such as Boity and her Mom, Modiehi Thulo, Gigi LaMayne, and others) who were grappling with certain areas of their lives. A part of an episode reading that stood out for me, is where an old man who witnessed his father commit suicide. Throughout the reading, the man seemed calm and unconcerned while Cindy spoke about life events that he went through until she touched on the traumatic loss of his father. He wept like a baby.

Her motive as a psychic medium is to share information that affirms, heals and provides information that may provide some answers to the questions that people may have.

Cindy’s show reveals that we are all going through something, and in need of healing. It might not have been a traumatic event, however, there are certain aspects of our lives that we have tucked in instead of dealing with them decisively. She is gifted in helping people she reads, open up. Although some guests are tough nuts to crack, Cindy is gentle in her approach. Her motive is for her guests to introspect and begin living better lives, regardless of whether the information being revealed is negative or positive. 

Spirit is available for streaming on DSTV and Netflix.

Pastor Pushie Watson 

Fun and fabulosity are two things we’ve known Pushie Watson for. 90’s kids will remember her from her days of stardom, as the energetic Jam Alley presenter. We’ve watched her journey of merging her talents and influence, redirecting it to preaching and sharing revelations from the word of God. 

A sermon that stood out for me is Take It Back where she talks about allowing God to fight your battles while “minding your business”- focussing on your goals, dreams and what God has called you to do through the story of David from the book of Samuel in the Bible.

Watson is passionate about encouraging women to know their true potential and live authentically. Before the lockdown, she hosted a brunch which encompassed inspiration and one-on-one talks – covering everything from life, relationships, goals and winning.

“…no matter what comes against you, we all go through stuff. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. Bad things happen to good people. All of us go through something… but it’s not about when you fall but rather about when you get up. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and keep on keeping on…”

Gogo Refilwe Moyo

From tackling sex and spirituality, to unpacking the spiritual stages of awakening and how to navigate your calling as a gifted person, Gogo Moyo’s approach to unpacking common questions and issues people grapple with is authentic, real, and relatable to today’s generation. 

She is active digitally and conducts some of her readings online. Through her YouTube channel, Gogo Moyo TV, she teaches about spirituality and traditional healing amongst many issues such as self-care. 

Gogo Moyo connects with the energy that surrounds her in the space that she occupies. In a radio interview, she revealed that she was able to connect with some energies that were in the room. When asked to share what is in her vision about a certain person, Gogo Moyo accurately shared the goals that the person in question had and how he will be able to achieve those goals.

As stated on her website, gogomoyospeaks.co.za. her biggest focus is on understanding that spirituality opens our worlds to interacting and engaging each other’s groups and spaces, which we would otherwise not so easily access. Since her initiation at only age 19, most of Gogo Moyo’s adulthood has been to embrace, celebrate and educate about our people and the differences in our customs.