We are living in an era that has many YouTube couples, but a few of them have involved the ‘government’ in their affairs. I am referring to commitment beyond cohabiting and one that you put paper to your relationship, to be exact I am talking about marriage.

For some people, it takes a bit longer to decide or know if whether their partners are ‘’the one.’’ Hungani proposed to Stephanie after only dating for two years. Now it has been over a year into their marriage, and their love for one another is growing stronger.

In our conversation, we spoke about the dynamics of their relationship, marriage, being a couple in the public eye, and their future endeavors as Actors.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Q.Does it worry you that sharing parts of your life with the public might give people wrong ideas about whether or not there are boundaries? 

Stephanie: When you are public figures and you share certain aspects of your life, people think you’re actually sharing your entire life, which is not true. Some people take it a step further because we are a society that thrives off juiciness. As a YouTube couple, we have noticed that there are people who have their own agendas and bad intentions, however, we only take it with a pinch of salt. 

Hungani: There’s also a misconception that just because we’re public figures, and what we do is consumed by the public, it’s almost as if there’s an automatic assumption that people should have access to your life. But we are very particular with what we share, so even when people comment negatively, there’s no need for us to clap back.

Q. Hungani what assured you that Stephanie is ‘the one,’ what was the ‘aha’ moment?

Hungani: It was when she cooked butter chicken for me (laughs). I really like talking to her, she assures safety and that I can be vulnerable. There’s no one else I can do that with, and she provided me with that space. Also she really is just a nice person. She is ‘very much for the people’ and me being an introverted individual, she helped me break out of my shell. So, I found someone who is making me become a better version of myself. 

Q. How does that make you feel Stephanie?

Stephanie: I think Hungani gives me too much credit, but it is appreciated, and it makes me feel great! Our marriage is great because we have some similarities and differences, so we kind of balance each other out. 

Q. You mentioned differences, are there cultural differences that you notice while living together?

Hungani: She doesn’t bring my tea on a saucer with a tray… 

Stephanie: Imagine! (laughs) I don’t notice anything in our household that’s culturally different. Even when our families meet up, there never has been anything that stands out as a cultural difference. But I feel like I’m more cultured that Hungani. He’s a bit of a snob you know… I’m joking.

Hungani: I grew up moving quite a lot, so my family didn’t really set traditional-cultural customs that other families have. Moving a lot allowed us to experience different people from different cultures. Stephanie’s family as well isn’t deeply rooted in a particular culture that I would need to adjust to.

Q. Hungani, you have explained why you don’t believe in Lobola. What are some aspects of the Tsonga culture that you believe in?

Hungani: I wouldn’t really say there are direct aspects of the Tsonga culture per se. My parents and grandparents didn’t raise us in a way that they’d say, ‘’this is what Tsonga people do.’’ My family is also diverse, my grandmother from my dad’s side is Swati and then my grandfather is Tsonga. So, it’s a merge of two different cultures. It would be difficult to answer that question. If I can use the term fluid loosely, that’s what my family is, they go with what works best. 

Q. Has the difference in your ages ever been a point of discussion amongst your friends and family?

Stephanie: They probably do, just not in front of us. I would say that Hungani is more mature in some respects, more than I am. So, it has never actually been a thing. I only think about it when it is his birthday, I always go, ‘’oh you’re a baby oh shame.’’  

Q. Hungani, you said you always want to do everything ‘properly.’ How are you ensuring that you’re doing your new found love of Dj-ing properly?

Hungani: Well I started by getting training at an institution. I then spent a lot of hours working on my skills and I’m also earning my stripes as I go. There are certain gigs that I am doing for the sake of exposure even though I could charge people because I already have a brand. However, I am not just trying to get coins out of it, but I am trying to do it the right way.  

Q. When you left Scandal, fans were devastated. Are they going to be seeing you on any TV productions anytime soon?

Hungani: Probably, I mean I am an actor so, I can’t say no to that. 

Q. Stephanie, you have been in the industry for so many years. How does one ensure longevity in the industry? 

Stephanie: Mmmh, yeah that’s a tricky one hey. I think there are some things that are in your control, and there are some that aren’t in your control. I think that when you are sure about what you want to achieve in your life, you let the things that are not in your control be. I say that because a lot of people think that the more they work, it guarantees longevity, and sometimes very little can guarantee longevity. I think as a performer, you just have to be performance ready. You need to always upskill yourself for any opportunity that might come. In terms of ensuring longevity, I don’t know if there is a set formula, if anybody has it, they must share it with me please. 

Q. Do you guys plan on building a Media empire in the future? 

Both: Yeah for sure. 

Stephanie: I mean, it’s definitely in the pipeline, we are taking things a little bit slower so that we don’t rush anything. However, we will definitely have a production company, and then a media empire. 

Hungani: And if it is God’s will. 

Q. You’re also doing amazing work with your artist development studio, SANS Group. How is that going?

Hungani: It’s going well, we are currently only online due to COVID 19. Hopefully things will be better soon. It was a good five years of having a studio and having people come over for courses and so forth.

FUN- FACTS about The Ndlovus;

  1. Who does the dishes?

Hungani: Hungani…

Stephanie: Steph… uhm, no…

Hungani: I was doing the dishes before you called 

Stephanie: Let me clarify. 

Hungani: I do the dishes, Stephanie does the pots.

Stephanie: isn’t that the same thing? 

Hungani: No, they have different names 

2. Who is a germaphobe?

Stephanie: That would be me.

3. Who is the better driver?

Stephanie: I got my license before Hungani and have never been in an accident. I am.

4. Who takes great pictures?

Stephanie: Hungani

5. Who is the cry-baby? 

Stephanie: Hungani

It is always heartwarming to see young love maturing, especially when it is between people who are in the public stage. It is inspiring, and reminds everyone that they too, deserve love. Hungani and Stephanie are looked up to by many young people, and they continue to give them hope by sharing fragments of their lives on their YouTube channel and their social media pages. May this marriage continue to blossom and bear fruits of their wishing.