Most of us can relate to moments in our lives when we’re just a bag of mixed emotions, or times when our energy levels are inconsistent, or perhaps times when you just feel unexplainably mentally exhausted. There are several reasons why this could be, but have you ever thought about whether the moon has anything to do with it?

We all have various aspects of our lives that we hold on to dearly – whether it is family, a romantic relationship, a career or our health, the urge to grow and evolve -these are ingrained in us and oftentimes, all these work together to help us find peace and happiness.

Happy Full Moon Day! You’re probably asking yourself if this is actually something to celebrate or observe, because isn’t a full moon a natural part of the Universe?

Well, March the 26th. marks the day where parts of the world will experience a total lunar eclipse and that’s why we got in touch with astrologer and inyanga, Zinziswa Faba as well as Dr Anesu Mbizvo, who is a medical doctor, and founder of The Nest Space to enlighten us about the connection between the moon and our emotions, energy and mental health.

What the Full Moon Represents

In astrology, a full moon literally represents completion – the peak of power, and bringing into reality your desires, and having a sense clarity in your life. This is a period to celebrate the progress you’ve made. 

May’s full moon has many names across different cultures. Some of those names are Flower Moon, Hare Moon, The Corn Planting Moon, and The Milk Moon. These various names signify how different cultures experience Full Moon Day, and are based on the behaviour of the plants, animals, or weather during the month of May.

Zinziswa Faba explains astrology as ‘’cycles, timing, and the flow of energy.”

Within astrology there are four elements; fire, earth, air, and water…but basically, astrology is the season, and the timing of energy that we’re experiencing. Different phases of the moon signify something as it relates to how we live our lives. ‘’Each month we experience a new moon. A new moon signifies the start of new goals, habits, a certain lifestyle that you would like to achieve. Two weeks later, when the full moon kicks in, this asks you to introspect how far you’ve come from those intentions you set with the new moon,’’ Faba explains. 

The link between Sagittarius and the Full Moon

Dr Mbizvo gives a bit of insight into what the link is between the Sagittarius star sign, and the full moon in May, ‘’our full moon tonight falls into the sign opposite Gemini in the Zodiac calendar, which is Sagittarius. This means that tonight, while we are encouraged to let go, we are specifically called to let go of things related to the themes of Sagittarius which centre around setting boundaries, and knowing when to put down our foot for our highest good.’’

She further elaborates that tonight’s full moon is also a Supermoon. Supermoons occur when the moon is closer to the earth than usual and occur just twice a year. During this time the energy of the moon is known to be more intense. Dr Mbizvo shares that, ‘’we are likely to feel more sensitive, especially if the moon is in your personal Zodiac sign, and when you are a Sagittarius. However, Supermoons also mean that any intentions or work we do, will be amplified, and super supported by the moon. This makes tonight a wonderful time to let go of what no longer serves you.

The effect of the moon and the female reproductive hormonal cycle

A lingering question amongst many people is if women, and men experience astrology in different ways. The short answer is no. However, Dr Mbizvo expanded on this, ‘’the pull of the planets in the solar system is said to be the same for both men and women. The predominant difference is the effect of the moon, which is said to be intricately linked to the female reproductive hormonal cycle. This can be linked to the female menstrual cycle, however even women who do not have a menstrual cycle or a womb will experience the pull of the moon on their emotions, due to the fact that their hormonal cycle is still linked to the cycle of the moon. Other than the moon, when we talk about the effects of the placements of the other planets, it is said that we all experience this the same,” Dr Mbizvo explains.

Wrapping up, here are three full moon rituals you can consider practising;

  1. Release anything that no longer serves you 

‘’We are encouraged to release anything that no longer serves us and depending on the time of the year, the placements of the other planets can inform us of exactly what sphere of life we need to focus on when letting go. On the night of the full moon we are encouraged to move our awareness inwards, and reflect on what may be holding us back and dragging us down,” says Dr Mbizvo

  1. Let go of negative energy 

Zinziswa Faba advises that talking to yourself is important as a way of releasing negative energy, and all your fears. 

  1. Do your affirmations

“Affirmations are excellent tools for connecting to the moon, and can be used throughout the lunar cycle. Affirmations are essentially modern day mantras that we can repeat to ourselves as often as possible to remind ourselves of the self-work we are doing at the time,” concluded Dr Mbizvo.

It is essential to point out that astrology is not useful for predicting the future as most people think. Instead, it serves as a guide for what to pay attention to when it relates to ‘self.’