The Colours That Blind is a novel set in modern Zimbabwe but also takes a journey back into time with Tumi, a young man living with albinism. Tumi takes us on a time travel journey with of forgiveness, interracial and intergenerational relationships and healing.

As he desperately tries to make the Zimbabwean national team, a big deal for a highschool boy living with albinism in a time when he can feel the discrimination against him, he is sent back home to his grandmother (Ambuya) to spend his holidays and relives a trauma that of something horrible that happened to him.

 Tumi and Ambuya travel back in time and start a journey of healing and forgiveness like no other.

This novel with make you weep; nudge heal you towards your healing and answer many questions you may have had or didn’t know you had about the history of Zimbabwe and the lived experience of the natives of Zimbabwe in early Rhodesia through the eyes of Ambuya.

Rutendo Tavengerwei is also the author of HOPE IS OUR ONLY WING, a must read novel.


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