There’s nothing more exciting like finally unwrapping that big red bow off of your brand new car after putting your signature on that contract. That feeling of self-fulfilment and achievement is one we look forward to as we mark off our list of goals.
However, with ever move we make, we need to be empowered with knowledge so we can make decisions that will not leave us trapped in the long run.

Episode 1 of Season 2 of #TheSitDownWomenomics this afternoon looks at how we can navigate our way around making smart financial decisions when it comes to purchasing, maintaining as well as using our vehicles for business and to help us unpack some of these strategies, we are joined by Motoring Analyst, Pogiso Dibakoane


Pogiso Dibakoane is a motoring analyst, car-socialite, and mech-entrepreneur who is interested in motor industry research, analysis, and the entire make up of media monitoring on car matters. Pogiso’s expertise also include contributing in the education space when it comes to all things cars – from customer purchase advisory to the overall experience.

Pogiso has co-hosted on “Power Steering”, a car feature on POWER 98.7 with the likes of Iman Rapetti and Aldrin Sampier. He is currently a contributor on Radio 2000’s award winning show, The Glenzito Super Drive.

Pogiso covers content and analysis around motor industry news, advisory, and focuses more on interactions between himself as an expert, and listeners needs with regards to advisory and industry related questions and concerns.