The Burn Out Moms Don’t Talk About

How often do you as a parent complain about constantly being exhausted and coming home to an even more stressful environment? Most parents hate to admit that at times they wish they could hit the switch off button and escape being a parent for a second.

Today on #TheSitDownParenting, we unpack a phenomenon that mothers hardly speak about…Parental Burn Out. We are joined by Clinical Psychologist, Viwe Dweba who will help us identify the sign of burn out, unpack the guilt associated with it and strategies we can use to combat the burn out.

Viwe Dweba

Viwe Dweba is a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Johannesburg. She works with a range of difficulties such as anxiety, mood, substance-related, psychotic, personality, stress and trauma-related disorders, among others. Her passion lies in the empowerment of each client to become their own therapist, rooted in her ethos that pockets of peace can be created even in the midst of the chaos. Viwe offers psychological services to children older than 5 years, adolescents and adults; as well as families, couples, groups and workships and webinars for organisations.